The battle between Yogurt Academy (bracket number 11) and Waffle Academy (bracket number 12) was a match in the first round of the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. The match ground's composition. The match ended in a victory for Yogurt Academy.



Yogurt's recent acquisition of German tanks (Panther, Panzer IV, StuG III & Hetzer) consequently improved their tactics and gave them a tactical advantage. Due to a shortage of AMC35 tanks and the mistake of bringing the ill-suited M4(105) Shermans into close combat, Waffle were clearly under-equipped compared to their opponents so they positionned their two M4s in front with the four AMCs on flanks (two on each side) and their four T-15s safely behind the Shermans

Storming Waffle's Position

Yogurt began the match by overruning Waffle's starting position using their newly acquired tanks in front to act as an armoured spearhead. When both teams were within effective firing range they began exchanging fire. Waffle's AMC35s and Sherman 105s counterattacked and created an opening in Yogurt's lines, but their T-15s missed the opportunity to create chaos among the enemy lines.

Bad Accuracy ??? Who cares we Won

Even Yogurt wasn't performing it's best due to the inexperience with their newly acquired tanks: Their accuracy was terrible and shots frequently missed Waffle's tanks. However the persistent gunnery duel gradually shifted the balance as to Waffle began losing tanks. Eventually all Waffle tanks were disabled, ensuring a victory for Yogurt.


Waffle's choice of Sherman(105) in their lineup was unwise (despite the fact that Waffle arranged their 105 specially for the Tournament) as it's lack of power and gun depression left it unable to deal with Yogurt's Panther, Panzer IV and StuG III. The T-15s could have had a significant impact if they had been able to breach Yogurt's lines - Exploiting the breakthrough and fanning out behind the enemy force would have forced Yogurt to relieve pressure on the front. Yogurt would battle against St. Gloriana Girls College during the quarter-finals.


  • So far the choice of Waffle's flag tank is a fan-based assumption.
  • As Yogurt's flag tank during the match against St. Gloriana is the Panzer 38(t) it can be assumed that they used the same for this match.
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