Winter Cup Poster

The 41st Winter Continuous Track Cup is a secondary Sensha-Dō tournament featured in the series. In order to promote this sport before the World Cup that is supposed to take place in Japan in near future, the Japan Sensha-Dō Federation decided to revive this long time discontinued Winter Continuous Track Cup, making a promotional poster to invite schools from all the Japan.

The Winter Continuous Track Cup is held as commemoration of a Sensha-Dō league for the first time after 20 years, just after the start of the very 1st season of recently proposed Pro League.

Format and rules

The format of the tournament seems to be the same like in the National High-School Sensha-Dō. The teams are put into brackets by random draw. All the commanders of their respective schools are supposed to pull the numbers from 1 to 16. 16 teams are reported to join the tournament.

The tournament matches are fought under flag-tank rules, wherein the first team to knock out the preassigned flag tank of the opponent is the winner. The tournament rules allow for ten tanks maximum per side in matches, but the teams are also allowed to bring less then ten tanks. So far, this is confirmed just for the 1st round.


Note: As of the Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 1, only 7 out of 16 participating teams are revealed.
(In the trailer for the second part it is revealed that Pravda Girls High School and Viking Fisheries High School are also taking part although their number brackets are still unknown).

Winter Tournament bracket

Winter Tournament bracket


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