Viking Fisheries High School (Japanese: ヴアイキング水産高校, Vaikingu suisan kōkō; Norwegian: Vikingfiskerhøgskolen) is one of the minor schools in Girls und Panzer.


Behavior & Policy

Viking students are generally quiet and reserved, but when it happens to them to speak they like to keep their conversations short, frank, and considerate. They don’t mind talking about a subject that they feel comfortable with, but at the slightest chance that the conversation may take a turn that they are uncomfortable with, they suddenly turn silent. They are not good with connecting with students from other schools and at inter-school parties, they can be found off to the side with their backs to the wall.

They are very punctual, considering five minutes early to be too late and love cleanliness and equality more than anything except nature, due to their preference to stay silent they are very in tune with nature as their ship top is entirely covered with a forest. While the majority of their time is spent below the deck of the ship, during the summer holidays the students are allowed to occupy the summer houses surrounded by the forest. Needless to say, they look forward to this time of the year. And like nature, the students commonly work together in silence with such efficiency that they have been suspected of being part of a school-wide hive mind by other schools. However, it can be said that this silence is an indicator of a very strong relationship of trust between the students.

Their specialty foods include bread made from many types of grain, yellow green pea soup, thin pancakes with jam and other sweet continents like sugar or syrup, and seafood, mostly Pacific Herring and Salmon. While other schools have curry on Fridays, Viking Fisheries has soup on Thursdays. Their favorite way of consuming all this food is with a Smörgåsbord meal.

The school aims to relieve the stress on the students as much as possible. Free enrollment and a high standard of living are just a few policies put in place to ease the pressure of all who live on the school ship which make them very popular and many students enroll for these reasons.


Their force consists of the French SOMUA S35 and Hotchkiss H35, and the German Panzer I, Panzer II and Panzer III. Also in their possession is the prototype heavy tank, the Neubaufahrzeug, however due to a variety of troubles with the machine was not fielded until the 63rd National Tournament and the 41st Winter Continuous Track Cup. They also hoped to make a purchase of M24 Chaffee light tanks in the near future, thing that will happen just after the national tournament to modernize their garage a little. They also planned to acquire vehicles with an amphibious ability but left out the idea due the improbability of vehicles being both amphibious and practical.


Viking's tactics they are at the complete opposite of other Sensha-dō team that privileging adaptability and initiative, they privileging clockwork tactics.

Every shot taken, every shot received, the number of enemy vehicles knocked out, where and when and how many enemy vehicles will be spotted and destroyed, every single factor is detailed in the master plan, which the Viking Fisheries tankers follow religiously.

Due to this it is easy to defeat them, as a series of random maneuvers early in the match will make their battle plan useless. Their absolute loyalty to their battle plan, and other odd behaviors are often the subject of jokes at other schools.

However, on the rare occasion the match goes exactly as they have predicted, the match ends with them the victors, just as they planned.

As they are more specialized mountainous, snowy and coastal areas they considered amphibious assault but dropped the idea.


The schoolship's appearance is unknown but it is says that the entire top of the schoolship is covered with a forest only interrupted by a few educational buildings and summer homes. To maximize the real estate available for nature, the majority of the commercial, residential, and official facilities are built within the ship.


As no Viking student is ever seen, no visual of their uniform is available.


Viking Fisheries High School's origins are unknown

63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament

Against Koala

Main article: Viking Fisheries High School vs. Koala Forest Academy

Viking participated in the 63rd National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament and faced Koala Forest Academy as their first opponent. Their force was composed of the Neubaufahrzeug (as flag tank), two S35s, two H35s, one Panzer IB, two Panzer IIB & two Panzer IIIN. As usual Viking set their plan like a clockwork, they set up a plan to lure Koala's main force while a two groups of tanks cut to the forest, one composed of Panzer IIIs to flank their main force and the other composed of S35 & H35 to take care of the flag tank which was in retreat after Koala's forces fall is disarray. Fortunately for Viking, Koala reacts as they planned. Viking won the first round.

Against Pravda

Main article: Pravda Girls High School vs. Viking Fisheries High School

Advancing to the second round brought Viking against Pravda Girls High School, the last year tournament champion. Their force was the same as in the first round. Unfortunately for them this match won't go as planned, their initial strategy was to lure Pravda tanks in the urban area but their plan was foiled when Katyusha ordered the KV-2 to reduce the city to rumble leaving their tanks exposed. They got overwhelm by Pravda's red wave not without resisting but were ultimately annihilated. They were eliminated in quarter-finals.

41st Winter Continuous Track Cup

Against Pravda

Viking participated in the 41st Winter Continuous Cup and faced Pravda Girls High School, the school that eliminated them during the last tournament. Their force was composed of at four M24 Chaffees, four Panzer IIIJ, one Panzer IIB and the Neubaufahrzeug as flag tank. At the end of the match, Viking launched a group of four tanks, composed of two pairs of Chaffees and Panzer IIIJ, charging their opponent's flag tank and leave two Chaffees to protect the flag tank, the charging tanks were all destroyed without scoring any hit by Katyusha, Nonna and Klara. The trio charged Viking's flag tank position, one Chaffee was destroyed by Klara while another one vainly attempt to block the IS-2 but this doesn't prevent Katyusha to deliver the final blow to their flag tank. They were eliminated in the first round.


Viking Fisheries High School hasn't any students of note.

Vehicles operated



  • Their logo consists of a Horned helmet on a round shield with a yellow and blue checkers backdrop with VF on the lower left part and HS on the lower right part (VF stands for Viking Fisheries and HS for High School).
    • The school name is a reference to Vikings, a group of seafarers who raided Northern and Central Europe during the late 8th to late 11th century, coming essentially from the current Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
    • The Horned Helmet is a reference to the association that popular culture made with Vikings as there no evidence that Vikings ever wore them.
    • The shield is a reference to round shields used by Vikings sagas for defense or put on the side of their langskips.
  • Viking abandoning the idea of amphibious assault may be a reference to the aborted Operation Jupiter. It was the codename of a British amphibious assault to invade northern Norway and Finland that originated from 1941 but was dropped in favor of the Normandy landing in 1944.
  • Most of their tanks were, historically, abandoned by their former users when WWII ended. The Neubaufahrzeug saw it's only combat service during the Norwegian Campaign , just a few weeks before the Invasion of France.
  • While their Panzer III were Ausf.N models in Gekkan Senshado Magazine, they were changed into Ausf.J in Das Finale Part 2, probably for recycling 3d models.



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