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    I will cover some tanks that were used by the swedish army before and during WW2. 

      First of Sweden had quite advanced tanks for it time during 1920-1935. Although they wasn't able to massproduce them like the Panzer II or the Chi-ha. The last tank sweden built for themself was the STRV 103A/B/C also known as the S-tank. More on that later.

    •  The first swedish developed tank was the STRV M/21-29 which was a prototype tank made by a german engineer. The tank served it's purpose as guards to the royal family.  

    Armour: 4-14mm  

    armament: 2x Ksp m/14

         Propultion: Benz 1910 55hp 

         top speed: 18 km/h (11,25mph)


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    March 31, 2017 by Kabanokisenkan

    Hi, just gaining some achievement

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