• Desátník Pansy

    So you guys/girls on here probably saw that I edited quite a lot of pages; why? Because they're quite messed up. They haven't been updated in awhile and you address everything as if it is a narrator talking about a TV Show that you are watching at the moment, not as a storage databank for information (which is what a wiki basically is). If you guys/girls could address that matter rather than me having to scan through each page by myself, I would be very grateful.

    Feel free to send me anything (or post it here) if you want to talk I guess.

    By the way; whoever it was who put the Jagdpanzers and whatnot that Kuromorimine operates as "Jagd-Panzer" and whatnot, can you please not do that. That is not the way they are written; their is no hyphen i…

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