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The "U.S. Field Artillery March" is a patriotic military march of the United States Army written in 1917 by John Philip Sousa, based on an earlier work by Edmund L. Gruber. The refrain is the "Caissons Go Rolling Along". This song inspired the official song of the U.S. Army which is called "The Army Goes Rolling Along", although the current official lyrics and arrangement of that song are substantially different from those written for this song in 1917.

US Field Artillery March

Girls und Panzer Version
Girls und panzer ost Us Field Artillery March


Over hill, over dale

We will hit the dusty trail

And those Caissons go rolling along

in and out, hear them shout!

Counter marching all about

And those Caissons go rolling along

For it's high high he

In the Field Artillery

Shout out your "No" loud and strong

For wher-e’er we go

You will always know

That those Caissons go rolling along

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