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Type 3 Chi-Nu
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"Ooarai Type 3, Immobilized!"
―Ami Chouno

The Type 3 Chi-Nu (三式中戦車 チヌ San-Shiki Chū-Sensha Chi-Nu) was a Japanese medium tank built as a stopgap solution to match the American M4 Sherman medium tank and the last Japanese tank to be brought in service.



When the Pacific War broke out, the mainstay of Japanese armored forces the Type 97 Chi-Ha and Type 95 Ha-Go were already obsolete having trouble even against the light M3 Stuart, some programs were developed to upgrade or replace the ageing tank such as the Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha or the Type 1 Chi-He. When the M4 Sherman appears in the Pacific during the later stages of the war, the Imperial General Headquarters saw the urge to develop a new medium tank able to match and counter the Sherman, the Type 4 Chi-To, however due to delays and problems during the development they needed a simpler and more rapid solution, the Type 3 Chi-Nu was born.

Developed from May to October 1943, the Chi-Nu used the same chassis and suspensions as the Type 1 Chi-He with a larger turret mounting the 75mm Type 3 Gun (a modification of the Type 90 75 mm Field Gun), however the low priority of the tank production and the lack of raw materials postponed its production until 1944, when most of the Japanese factory had been damaged by the American strategic bombing. As a result, only 166 Chi-Nus were built.

A modified variant known as the Chi-Nu Kai (or Chi-Nu II) was planned, it was to be equipped with the turret of the Chi-To medium tank and the Type 5 75mm tank gun.

Operational History

Instead of being deployed overseas as older tanks were, the Chi-Nu remained in the Japanese archipelago to meet the American Invasion of Japan projected in 1945. However as Japan surrendered before the invasion occured, the Chi-Nu never saw combat action, and thus its actual combat effectiveness is still open for debate.

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  • In the match against Kuromorimine the Chi-Nu is immobilized before firing even a single shell, which is a nod to the fact that this tank was only stationed in Japan in preparation for a possible invasion of the homeland and thus never saw combat.
  • Compared to the other tanks found by Ooarai girls, Chi-Nu was found in a relatively pristine and clean condition.
  • In World of Tanks, it is possible for the Chi-Nu to equip with the longer barreled 75 mm Type 5 gun, also the gun for the subsequent Type 4 Chi-To and Type 5 Chi-Ri, but like the Tiger I with the 88 mm L/71 gun, it will affect the vehicle despite the firepower improvement.
    Japanese Type 3 Chi-Nu tank 1

    Type 3 in JGSDF Ordnance School Parking lot

  • It's late entry into Ooarai service also reflects to its late-war deployment for the defense of Japan that wasn't saw combat service there.
  • A surviving Chi-Nu is located at the JGSDF Ordnance School in Tsuchiura, Japan and this is the basis for the parking lot scene where this tank was found.
  • The tank was named Type 3 because its development was finished in 1943 (Imperial year 2603).


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