The A17 Light Tank Mark VII Tetrarch (or just Tetrarch) was the ultimate of a line of British light tank produced by Vickers-Armstrongs during the Interwar.


The Light Tank Mk.VII Tetrarch was designed to overcome of the lacks of firepower of its predecessors as they were only armed with machine-guns. The Tetrarch was upgraded with a 2-pounder gun. The motorisation was updated with a 165 hp engine.

It was put to trials by War Office as a light cruiser but was drop down in favor of the A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.III. Despite this, it was decided that it was essential for some Tetrarchs to be produced, and it was suggested that they be brought in at the end of the light tank program. The production of the tanks was put on hold after the Battle of France focusing more on Cruiser and Infantry Tanks and several Luftwaffe raids didn't help it. The cumulative effect of these delays resulted in the production of only a small number of Mk VIIs.

Judge obsolete by the War Office, the Tetrarch didn't take part of the North African Campaign cause of its cooling system unable to cope with the intense North African heat. In mid-1941 the Tetrarch's demise was prevented by its transfer into an airborne tank to be transported by the heavy glider Hamilcar, some tanks designated as Tetrarch CS had their 2-pdr removed and replaced by a 3-inch howitzer and others received the Littlejohn adaptor on their 2-pdr to increase their muzzle velocity and penetration.

The majority of the tanks stayed in Britain, although 20 were sent to the USSR as part of the Lend-Lease program, some were used during the Invasion of Madagascar and approximately 20 were used during the British airborne landings in Normandy in June 1944. The tanks were successfully landed by glider, but they did not perform well. Several were lost in accidents, and those that did see action proved to be inferior in firepower and armour to the armoured fighting vehicles of the German forces. A few days after the beginning of Operation Tonga, the tanks were removed from direct engagement and used only to provide fire support.

By August 1944, most of the Tetrarchs in action were replaced with Cromwell tanks, and the remainder were replaced by the M22 Locust in December 1944. They did not see any further combat and were deemed obsolete by 1946 and the last was retired in 1950.

In Girls und Panzer

Ribbon Warrior

Two Tetrarch were fielded in a training match between St. Gloriana and their Tankathlon team, The Chindits commanded by Orange Pekoe and Rosehip against Rukuriri's three Matildas. During the training Pekoe shot Rukuriri's Matilda and then run away, making thinking her opponent she tries to lead her to a killzone. The Matildas form a line to protect their back, they didn't expect Rosehip cutting through the forest and storm their back. Rosehip's Tetrarch destroyed all three Matildas. Another Tetrarch is seen during an exercice to extract a tank from the mud.

The tanks were parading during the Cauldron Tournament introduction with the Chindits. During the Cauldron tournament in the second match of the first round against Bonple High School, St.Gloriana's Chindits fielded four Tetrarch (three for the team and one for Rukuriri their Yojimbo) against three 7TP. During the match none of the Tetrarch managed to score a hit and were annihilated by Jajka and her minions. The tank will be part of Bonple's team for the next rounds.

During the Cauldron tournament in the tenth and last match of the first round against Gregor High School, West Kureouji Grona Academy commanded by Kiri Shiratori fielded at least two Tetrarch fitted with Littlejohn Adaptators. The match is unseen but West Kureouji Grona ended victorious.


  • West Kureouji Grona's Tetrarch had its gun fitted with a Littlejohn adaptor, a device meant to increase its muzzle velocity and penetration, giving the 2-pdr approximately the power of a 6-pdr gun.


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