"Eeehh!? Our school doesn't have a Senshado Club!?. Got disbanded 10 years ago they said 'cause it wasn't popular."
―Rin and Haruka about the non-existent sensha-dō club

Tatenashi High School is a minor school featured in Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior.


Tatenashi's Schoolship

Behaviour & Policy

Very few things are known about Tatenashi High School, except that the school is very active in Kyūdō (the way of archery).


Tatenashi doesn't have any tanks except a Type 97 Te-Ke tankette that personnaly belongs to Shizuka Tsuruki.


As they have no existing Sensha-dō club the tactics they used to have are unknown.


Tatenashi's schoolship inspiration is unknown.


Tatenashi's uniform consist into a grey asymmetrical eight-buttoned jacket, a light pink shirt, a purple pink-dotted collar ribbon, a blue-striped red tartan skirt and a pair of loafers. Socks or legwear aren't regulated and depends on personal tastes (Shizuka wears a black pantyhose, Rin wears white low-socks and Haruka wears black high-socks).


Nothing is known about the school's past except that they disbanded their Sensha-dō Club ten years before the 63rd National Tournament because it wasn't popular among students.

Three students of Tatenashi enlist in tankathlon under the name Centipede Team.



Tatenashi High School has three characters of note, all part of Centipede Team.

Vehicles Operated



  • Tatenashi (楯無) means shieldless in Japanese.
  • The school name is taken from Tatenashi-no-Yoroi (楯無鎧), which means "Armour with No Shield", an armor that belongs to an armor set named the Genji Hachiryo, that was wore by Minamoto no Yoshimitsu, great-grandfather of Takeda Nobuyoshi the first head of the Takeda Clan and the first Minamoto to adopt the name Takeda.
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