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Shichiro Kodama is the director of the Japanese Sensha-Dō Federation and a minor character in Girls und Panzer der Film.


Shichiro Kodama is the director of the Sensha-dō Federation, overseeing many of its major decisions, as well as acting to some degree as their spokesperson. He received a visit from Anzu Kadotani and Ami Chōno to discuss the closure of Ooarai Girls Academy. It is implied that he had the power to persuade MEXT to overturn their decision. He attended the annihilation match between Ooarai and the All-Stars University Team, and assisted with the last-minute verification of the short-term transfer documents for students of various other schools coming to join the match.


Shichiro Kodama is a tall and well-built man with a thin moustache. He is bald and has brown eyes. He wears dark grey and black academic robes. He is frequently seen carrying a white fan with the Sensha-dō Federation logo printed on it in blue. Outside, he wears a cream-coloured boater hat with a black ribbon.


As the director of the Sensha-dō Federation, Shichiro's primary concern is the public support of his organisation, and is initially reluctant to repeal the decommissioning of the Ooarai school carrier for fear that it would cause the Federation to lose face. However, he is shown to be overall friendly and also more understanding than his counterpart, Renta Tsuji, and makes a graceful about-turn once convinced that the backlash from closing down the reigning champions would be even greater than revoking the decision to shut them down.

Despite evidently being sufficiently intelligent to keep track of the various faculties of the Federation and determining its most pressing priorities, Shichiro is shown not to be quite as shrewd as some of the other characters in the film. Although Anzu and Ami realise that an interruption of the pro-league training could be used as an effective bargaining tool in the face of the coming International Tournament, Shichiro remains blissfully unaware of their intention until Shiho Nishizumi is already in Tsuji's office, threatening to resign. Similarly, the director doesn't make the connection between the sudden and dubious approval of the controversial Karl-Gerät 040 by the Federation and its use against the Ooarai Compound Team until he actually witnesses the artillery piece in the match itself.

Throughout the course of the negotiations and the following battle, Shichiro does eventually sympathise with Ooarai and ends up rooting for them as an underdog by the end of the match. When the results are finally announced, he makes an unreserved display of joy and excitement, showing that he has no problems with being open about his feelings.



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