Ruka Oshida

"Played like a damn fiddle!"

Ruka Oshida is the Vice Commander of BC Freedom High School representing Escalator Faction of the school. She commanded an ARL 44 with the emblem of Blue Club.


Oshida is a girl with average hight and build, shoulder length and somewhat messy blond hair and a pair of blue eyes.


Not much is know about her personality how ever she does seem to be hot blooded and somewhat arrogant as she lookes down at the Examination faction of BC Freadom specially their commander Andou. Oshida is however willing to put her animosity with her aside to achive victory.

Oshida is also loyal to Marie the BC Freadom commander specially as they are both from the Escalator Faction and often finds herself having to look after her.


  • In Japanese Oshida (押しだ) Means "Pushed".
  • In some Motto love love sakusen desu comics and Dream tank match video game her relationship with Andou seems to be a ( friend/enemy ) relationship rather than a simple animosity as they do have some affection to one another, however it is unkown whether it's cosidered canon or not.
  • Some official arts show that Oshida might be in the habbit of fiddling with her hair which explains is messiness.
  • In Ribbon warrior oshida makes two appearances once riding an ARL 44 with Asparagus and once accompanying Marie and Andou while watching the cauldron match looking astonished at the chaotic nature of the match.