Polina is a minor character and antagonist from Girls und Panzer: Saga of Pravda.


Polina was a third-year student at Pravda Girls High School during the events of Saga of Pravda, acting as tank commander and gunner of a T-34-85. Her real name is Shieru Herikusu.


Polina is a short girl with short, black hair tied in double ponytails.


Polina is a feisty and incisive tank commander, giving orders from the gunner position of her T-34-85. Her agressive fighting style means she's always at the frontline, whether the the team is attacking or retreating.


Polina shows up to the interleague training match against the first years sporting a furious expression upon her face covered by scratches and bandaids.

As Katyusha soon comes to find out, three rowdy first years on her team her decided to attack Polina after confusing the later for a first year student due to her short height.

Once the match starts, Polina's T-34-85 proceeds to agressively take out a number of first years. One of her commrades suggests giving the first years a chance to surrender, but Polina would rather punish all first years by having them perform the cossack dance for three hours straight once the match is finished.

However, this punishment would never come to realize, as Nonna would manage to take down Commander Ekaterina's IS-2 thanks to an agressive attack plan by Katyusha.

In the private review of the match between the third years and Katyusha, Polina agressively demanded answers from Katyusha, exasperated by the first year's crying. She was politely told to stand down by Olga, whose more level-headed interrogation got answers out of Katyusha that satisfied the third years' egos, including Polina who seemed pacified by Katyusha's story.


  • Polina's favourite music genre is Tokusatsu songs and her favourite food is Miso Curry Milk Ramen.
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