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"Recently Oarai Girls' Academy has been losing students and has failed to distinguish itself in any way. In the past it had an active Sensha-dō team, but..."
"Then let's bring back Sensha-dō! ... You wouldn't shut down the champion's school, would you now?
―Renta Tsuji and Anzu Kadotani

Oarai Girls' Academy (大洗女子学園) is the principle school shown in Girls und Panzer. The school operates assorted World War Two tanks from many nations, including a German Panzerkampfwagen IV, a Czechoslovakian Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) (later converted to a Jagdpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer), a German Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.F, a Japanese Type 89B I-Go, a American M3 Lee, a French Char B1-Bis, a German Tiger (P), a Japanese Type 3 Chi-Nu and an English Mark IV. All of the protagonists are students from Oarai and members of its senshado team, themselves divided into teams with their own respective tanks.


Oarai Girls' Academy is a school originating from Oarai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan.

The school is far smaller than other schools shown in the anime, and has lately been losing students. Oarai's only notable feature, its senshado club, was suspended many years ago for unknown reasons. Until the club's revival in the events of the anime series, the school had no overall focus and lacked any outstanding features. This, in addition to the fact that the school has been losing money for several years, placed it at risk of closure at the hands of the Ministry of Education.

Oarai Girls' Academy is the new school of the main protagonist Miho Nishizumi, who transferred in primarily because the school did not practice senshado. Its senshado team had been disbanded long ago but was revived by Anzu Kadotani in a bid to avert the school's closure. The school's history of senshado has faded into distant memory, to the point that few records remain of their exploits. Other clubs, such as the volleyball club, have also been recently disbanded as necessitated by budgetary constraints.

The school received high publicity in the year of the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. Its newly revived senshado club entered the tournament under the command of Miho Nishizumi, a former Kuromorimine student and the central figure in a controversial incident in the previous year's tournament. Despite its initial infamy, Oarai Girls' Academy soon gained popular attention as its assorted collection of tanks defeated multiple senshado powerhouses, including the defending champions, claiming the championship despite having fought every match at a numerical disadvantage with substandard equipment and inexperienced crews.

Throughout the 63rd National High School Senshado Tournament, the school developed close friendships with the other major senshado schools competing in the tournament. It also became an inspiration for many other schools across the nation, creating a surge in senshado activity amongst minor schools, the result of which has dramatically elevated Oarai's status within the MEXT department.


Anglerfish Team in Oarai's winter attire

The standard Oarai uniform consists of a white serafuku with a green trim, a matching green skirt, and a black neckerchief. While not (usually) enforced, there is a recommended hairstyle of short hair dyed black. In reality the dress code is poorly policed, hence many students customise their uniforms with accessories, or constantly wear their club uniforms. Similarly, while the school provides students with a named, standard issue swimsuit, nobody outside of the Morals Committee has been shown wearing it, not even the Student Council.
The naval school uniform consists of a white blouse with long sleeves and a sailor-style collar, a blue neckerchief, a white pleated skirt, black socks, and white loafers. Students sometimes wear a white dixie cup hat.
The Oarai winter uniform adds a long sailor-style coat of navy blue with white trim over the original white and green serafuku and skirt.

Several Oarai clubs are shown with their respective uniforms:

  • The Senshado Club wear a dark blue jacket with a white and red trim over a serafuku with a darker green colour scheme and white skirt. High-topped climbing boots are also worn. Many members of the club accessorise their Sensha-dō uniforms as well.
  • The Volleyball Club have a high-collared white and red gym uniform with player numbers emblazoned on the front and back.
  • The Public Morals Committee, in addition to strictly following the dress code to the letter, wear a black armband displaying their club's name.
  • The Automobile Club wear a white singlet under full-length orange overalls and steel-capped boots.
  • The Media Club wear red armbands displaying their club's name.
  • Students practicing the electives of Misogi, Ikebana and Sencha-dō wear an appropriate robe or kimono.


Oarai's senshado tactics are the most fluid of all the high schools, building flexibility into plans with the intention of capitalizing on the specific weaknesses of their opponents. The overall weak arsenal of tanks leads to a large number of retreats on both a tactical and strategic level, commonly resuting in their withdrawal to and deep defense of a confined quarters battlefield. The hallmark of Oarai's commanders is their exceedingly unorthodox tactics. In general, Oarai performs better in urban environments.

During matches in a flag tank format, Oarai's overall strategy is to isolate the enemy flag tank from most if not all of its support, eliminate its escorts, and defeat it with local numerical superiority. This situation can be achieved in a variety of ways, such as baiting with decoys, feints, or counterintelligence. Oarai's tactics require precise coordination between units and frequently place their own flag tank at risk of of enemy fire.

During matches in a total annihilation format, Oarai's doctrine is to scatter enemy forces and engage them in multiple independent skirmishes using self-sufficient detachments. It is within this myriad of smaller scale engagements where Oarai commanders incorporate their own individual styles into the fight, refuting the prospect of a common school-wide strategy. With this flexible strategy they may also become more difficult and confusing to counter for other schools with more codified strategies.

Oarai's Sensha-dō club is trained by JGSDF tank commander Ami Chōno, although she is rarely seen doing any actual teaching on screen.


Based on elective study card shown by Momo Kawashima in Episode 1, there are 10 elective studies in Oarai, as follows:

  • Senshado (Panzerkraft)
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Incense Ceremony
  • Caligraphy
  • Archery course
  • Naginata course
  • Aikido
  • Hermitry course
  • Ninja course

Yukari Akiyama is the only Anglerfish Team member who selected Senshado from the beginning. Miho Nishizumi, Hana Isuzu, and Saori Takebe selected Incense Ceremony as their initial elective, while Mako Reizei selected Caligraphy as her initial elective.


Oarai Girls' Academy is divided into different departments, among the known ones are:

  • General Studies Department
  • Naval Studies Department
  • Engineering Department
  • Intelligence Department
  • Operations Department
  • Nutritional Science Department
  • Agricultural Science Department
  • Fisheries Management Department
  • Fashion Design Department

"Johannesburg of Oarai"

In Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 1, it is revealed that there's an "underworld" in the Oarai carrier in which neither the Student Council nor the Public Moral Committee has much power. This part is referred to as the "Johannesburg" of Oarai, a reference of the real city of Johannesburg, South Africa, which, prior to FIFA World Cup 2010, was infamous for its high crime rate and slums. Oarai's "Johannesburg" is located lower in the ship than the areas of the ship that Anglerfish Team explored in OVA 3. The residents of "Johannesburg" have been seen to go so far as to separate themselves from the Upper Parts with barbed wire strung across doorways. Despite the Public Moral Committee's efforts to remove the barbed wire, the residents of "Johannesburg" always replace it later.

Johannesburg is depicted as a dirty slum, a heavily vandalized area full of delinquents and shady characters from among the Naval Studies students. They are quite suspicious of any strangers who enter their domain, and grow hostile toward any attempt to uphold discipline there. Sodoko was grabbed and kidnapped by two delinquents when she reprimanded them for their nonstandard clothing and the dirtiness of the area. In the center of Johannesburg is Donzoko Bar, where Shark Team is always hanging out. The bar is also the place where one of Oarai's tanks, the Mark IV, was found being used as a meat smoking machine.


Oarai's early history is not mentioned, although it is known that the school was founded shortly after WWII. The school's relatively small size prevented it from attaining the status enjoyed by many larger schools. At some point the school began losing money, the senshado club was closed down, and most of its tanks were sold to cover holes in the budget. Just prior to the anime, MEXT announced confidentially to the student council that they intended to close down the school. Learning that they had once fielded an active Sensha-dō team, Anzu Kadotani revived the club in order to gain the school the prestige necessary to avoid its closure.

Pre-63rd National Senshado Tournament

Oarai's newly revived senshado club was poised to go into their first tournament match with little experience, given that the approaching tournament had made many schools cautious about displaying their newest tactics. Eventually, Oarai managed two exhibition matches against opponents who were curious about this newcomer, or eager to test out tactics of their own. Both matches were fought under annihilation format.

Against St. Gloriana

Main article: Episode 4

Oarai's match against St. Gloriana Girls College was their first taste of being under fire. Their initial tactics were a dismal failure, only mitigated by Miho Nishizumi taking command and retreating from rough terrain to more favourable urban positions. Urban combat gave them greater success against St. Gloriana, although Oarai was eventually defeated by their stronger opponents.

The match helped develop the Oarai members and precipitated a shift of leadership from Momo Kawashima to Miho Nishizumi. The impressive display by Anglerfish Team when alone against four St. Gloriana tanks also set an impressive example for the rest of the Oarai team, each crew of which had discovered their own flaws to iron out before the tournament started. Darjeeling, being the first to witness Miho's unique style of combat, recognized Oarai's potential and made sure to attend each of their tournament matches.

Against Maginot

Main article: Girls und Panzer: Fierce Fight! It's the Maginot Battle!

A sudden change of both leadership and tactics in Maginot Girls' College had left the team poorly prepared for the coming tournament, and they were on the lookout for a chance to test out their new strategy. Oarai, desperate for practice opportunity, agreed to the match.

Maginot intended entrap their opponents by at first employing their previous defensive tactics, only to switch to their new offensive doctrine after the enemy had been lured in. Battle initially proceeded in Maginot's favour, but began to swing back and forth as each school altered their tactics to counter those of the other. The battle eventually ended in a convincing win for Oarai.

63rd National Senshado Tournament

Oarai drew tournament slot number eight in the tournament bracket. All matches were fought under flag tank rules. In addition, none of Oarai's opponents made concessions against Oarai's smaller force, fielding the maximum number of tanks as the round allowed: 10 in the first two rounds, 15 in the semi-finals, 20 in the final match.

Against Saunders Prep

Main article: Episode 5

The first round match against Saunders University High School was preceded by an infiltration mission by Yukari Akiyama, who uncovered intel on Saunders' intended lineup, as well as the identity of their flag tank. Oarai possessed only five tanks at the time; one Panzer IV, one Panzer 38(t), one Type 89B, one M3 Lee and one StuG III.

The match opened with Oarai's M3 Lee scout being jumped by a large Saunders force, and Oarai's reinforcement detachment also being ambushed en route to assist. Although Saunders surrounded the Oarai force and moved preemptively to cut off their avenues of escape, Oarai managed to pass through the Saunders formation and escape. Soon afterward, Miho, suspicious of Saunders clairvoyant maneuvering, spotted a radio balloon that was tapping into Oarai's communications.

Oarai switched their communications to cell phones and used their radios to instead plant counterintelligence that resulted in the immobilisation of one enemy M4 Sherman. The rest of the main enemy force was lured far away by false transmissions whilst Oarai sought out and eventually found the enemy flag tank. Saunders reinforcements rushed to assist and a chase ensued. It was Oarai who landed the first crippling hit on the enemy flag tank, winning the match. This upset win against a powerful senshado school marked the beginning of Oarai's rise in publicity.

Against Anzio

In the Anime

Main article: Episode 7

The match against Anzio Girls High School in the second round is for the most part skipped in the anime series. Only the final outcome of the match is shown, showing at least three immobilized Anzio tanks and at least four operational Oarai vehicles, implying that the match was won without considerable difficulty.

In the Manga

In the manga rendition, Oarai was able to field its Char B1 bis with a placeholder crew at the expense of some of its other tanks being undermanned. Oarai attempted to occupy a vantage point at a central ridge, but were delayed by an Anzio force that allowed Anzio's P40 to arrive first and ambush the Oarai force in mid-ascent.

With Oarai pinned down halfway up the slope, a detachment of the Oarai force broke off and attempted to circle around to engage Anzio from behind. The rest of the Oarai force remained behind to defend the flag tank. Due to their superior position, Anzio came off well in the engagement, destroying or effectively neutralizing the flag tank's escorts. However, before Anzio could finish off the flag tank, Oarai's detached force arrived and destroyed the Anzio vehicles from behind, winning the match.

In the Anzio OVA

Main article: Anzio OVA

It was known that Anzio Girls High School had obtained a secret weapon for use in this year's tournament, although they had refrained from deploying it in the first round. Yukari Akiyama infiltrated the school prior to the match, and found (partly because the weapon in question was being paraded around Anzio's arena) that the "secret" weapon was a P40 heavy tank.

Oarai began the match by moving scouts to secure a central crossroads, only for the scouts to find that Anzio had arrived there first. The scouts reported eleven tankettes positioned around the crossroads. Since match regulations only allowed ten tanks per team, Miho suspected trickery, and subsequent probing uncovered that the 'tanks' were wooden dummies designed to imitate Anzio tanks. Deducing that Anzio was attempting an encirclement, Miho redeployed her forces to counter the maneuver.

Oarai's scouts soon located the two Anzio pincers sweeping around in an attempt to attack from behind and became embroiled in separate chases, whilst the main Oarai force passed through the crossroads and encountered Anzio's main force, including the P40 flag tank. Hippo Team became closely engaged with one of the P40's escorts, whilst Anglerfish Team soon knocked out the other, leaving the P40 isolated.

At this point, Anzio had been taking heavy losses, and had lost their numerical advantage over Oarai. Anchovy thus recalled her units in defence of the flag tank. In order to finish the P40 before the reinforcements arrived, Oarai intentionally exposed their flag tank as bait to lure the P40 into a kill zone beneath a ridge. The P40 (along with all of the Anzio tanks that rushed in to reinforce it) was eliminated. After the victory, Oarai ended their day by attending Anzio's post-match party.

Against Pravda

Main article: Episode 8

Facing fifteen of Pravda's tanks, Oarai was only able to slightly improve their odds with the inclusion of an inexperienced and heavily undermanned Char B1 bis. The semi-final match took place in a snowy environment in the evening, and turned out to be the longest match of the tournament.

Oarai opted to attack quickly and take out Pravda's flag tank in a lightning strike, but Pravda's reconnaissance spotted their advance early. Oarai's seemingly successful initial attack and a potential shot at Pravda's flag tank led Oarai to rush into a town where they were suddenly encircled and subjected to enemy fire. After taking heavy damage, all tanks managed to retreat into a large abandoned church, which Pravda's bombardment nearly destroyed on top of them before Katyusha called a ceasefire and demanded they unconditionally surrender the match.

Oarai rejected the surrender demand and instead used the ceasefire to repair their tanks and scout out the Pravda siege positions. They subsequently broke out of the encirclement and fled from the valley with Pravda's main force in pursuit. Several Oarai tanks circled back and re-entered the town to find and attack Pravda's flag tank. Both forces destroyed the escorts of the opposing flag tank, and eventually both flag tanks were hit at the same time. However, Oarai's flag tank, the Type 89B, miraculously survived, only losing its right track and drive sprocket, whilst Pravda's flag tank was destroyed, handing the victory to Oarai.

Against Kuromorimine

Main article: Episode 11

Oarai was able to add a Type 3 Chi-Nu and a Porsche Tiger to their arsenal and modified their Panzer 38(t) into a Jagdpanzer 38 'Hetzer' by the time of the final tournament match against Kuromorimine. This brought the Oarai force to eight tanks, in contrast to Kuromorimine fielding twenty tanks. Kuromorimine was Miho Nishizumi's former school, and with her foreknowledge of their tactics, she was able to devise a plan to counter their strengths.

Kuromorimine advanced aggressively and got the drop on Oarai early in the match, catching them in the open whilst they were still maneuvering for position. After losing the Type 3 Chi-Nu, Oarai used smoke screens to evade enemy fire and, by towing their Tiger (P), gained enough of a lead to set up a defensive position.

Oarai set up their defence atop a steep hill and were able to knock out several of Kuromorimine's tanks in the following battle. An unconventional diversion by Turtle Team allowed Oarai to counterattack and escape once again. Although their M3 Lee broke down while fording a river and greatly slowed their escape until it was towed out, the team escaped without taking any losses.

Oarai proceeded to move into the town for the final phase of their operation, but unexpectedly ran into a Kuromorimine secret weapon, the Maus, which destroyed almost half of Oarai's remaining forces before it was taken out in a desperate and extremely unorthodox attack. Oarai quickly redeployed its remaining forces to meet Kuromorimine's main attack, and was able to splinter most of Kuromorimine's force and eliminate its most dangerous tank destroyers like the Jagdtiger. Kuromorimine's flag tank was lured into a closed complex and destroyed in a heated one-on-one flag tank duel while its reinforcements were kept at bay by a defensive action from Leopon Team. Although seven of Oarai's eight tanks were eliminated and its flag tank left immobile, it was able to claim an underdog victory over tournament favorites and win the championship.

Post-63rd National Sensha-Dō Tournament

Oarai's astonishing win in the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament earned it great prestige and status. The school soon became a hub for senshado, particularly as it was able to host the Commemorative Cup shortly afterwards.

Commemorative Cup

Main article: Girls und Panzer: Little Army Two

In being the tournament champions, Oarai was proud to host the Commemorative Cup. Oarai made it to the second round, where it was defeated by Jatkosota High School. They subsequently faced off against Bellwall Academy in a consolation match, where they emerged victorious.


Main article: Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior

Oarai participated in a single celebratory Tankathlon match against Tatenashi Girls High School, for which the Automotive Club made modifications to the Type 89B in order to bring its weight below the upper limit of 10t. The match ended in a draw.

Against St. Gloriana - Pravda Compound Team

Main article: Girls und Panzer der Film

An exhibition match celebrating Oarai's tournament victory was held in Oarai city. Oarai formed a compound team with participants from Chi-Ha-Tan Academy, competing against another compound team made up of St. Gloriana and Pravda tanks.

Oarai at first gained an advantageous position and nearly knocked out the enemy flag tank, but lost the advantage after a reckless charge by the excited Chi-Ha-Tan commanders left them badly outnumbered. Oarai and their remaining allies retreated into the city, where they took advantage of the urban environment to ambush and eliminate most of the enemy tanks.

Oarai were able to locate the opposition's flag tank, but were caught off guard when the Churchill scaled a steep seawall and led Oarai into an ambush. The ambush evolved into a close-quarters running fight, but ended when Katyusha's T-34/85 drove into Oarai's line of fire and took a shot intended for the Churchill, enabling Darjeeling to return fire and immobilize Oarai's flag tank.

Against the All-Stars University Team

Main article: Girls und Panzer der Film

As part of a deal struck with Renta Tsuji, Oarai agreed to an annihilation match against the All-Stars University Team, fighting for the recommissioning of their campus ship. The match was fought under rules of total annihilation, and allowed up to thirty tanks on either team. With only eight tanks, Oarai was prepared to enter the match at a severe numerical disadvantage of nearly four to one, but representatives of other high schools turned up at the last moment, bringing their tanks with them, and reinforced the Oarai force enough to field a full thirty tanks of their own.

Oarai deployed its tanks in three separate forces that aimed to secure a central vantage point and guard its flanks. The plan went awry when artillery fire and a swift half encirclement by the enemy forced Team Sunflower off the hill while sustaining heavy losses. Although other schools suffered losses, Oarai's own tanks survived the heavy fighting.

A surgical strike by Acorn Platoon infiltrated behind enemy lines and located the university's Karl-Gerät 040. Duck Team devised Operation Kill Serve, an unorthodox operation that culminated in the Hetzer firing into the gun barrel of the Karl from above, disabling the Karl and removing it from the match.

Oarai was able to withdraw from the battle and redeploy to a theme park, where the University Team soon attacked. Oarai tanks were at first deployed to the southern gate to repel an initial attack, but that turned out to be a ruse, and the tanks had to hurriedly redeploy to the eastern gate when it became clear that was the University's main attack. There they were almost immediately pushed back by a T28 Super Heavy Tank. In the ensuing retreat, Oarai and their allies were surrounded and found themselves on the brink of being wiped out by the All-Stars University Team. However, Rabbit Team's Operation Mifune created a gap in the enemy lines that allowed the entire force to escape.

The formation fighting thereafter devolved into a multitude of scattered engagements between separate detachments, where Oarai's huge diversity and unexpected 'tricks' consistently got the better of the university students. However, with the entry of Alice Shimada into the battle, the remaining university forces were able to regroup. A series of decisive battles left only five tanks remaining on the field: three University tanks and two Oarai tanks: Oarai's Anglerfish Team, in their Panzer IV, and Kuromorimine's Tiger I.

The final battle in the center of the amusement park quickly eliminated two of the university vehicles, but the last Centurion put up a fierce fight and came within a hair's breadth of knocking out the Panzer IV. The battle came to a conclusion with the sacrifice of the Panzer IV, in order make a decisive kill, and the allied Tiger I left as the last tank operational, ensuring Oarai's victory.

41st Winter Continuous Track Cup

Notable Members

This is our Sensha-dō!

The heroes of Oarai Girls' Academy are the 37 members of its senshado club, who are sorted into nine teams:

Anglerfish Team

Main article: Anglerfish Team

Commanded by Miho Nishizumi, the Anglerfish Team (あんこうチーム Ankō Chīmu) comprises Miho and her friends. They operate a German Panzer IV Ausf.D, which is later converted to the F2 variant, and finally the H variant with spaced armour. The Anglerfish Team is generally the most critical for the school's victories.

Turtle Team

Main article: Turtle Team

Commanded by Anzu Kadotani, the Turtle Team (カメさんチーム Kame-san Chīmu) includes the former leaders of the student council. They operate a German/Czech Panzer 38 (t), which is later converted to a Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer (simply called a "Hetzer" in the anime).

Ooarai Carrier.jpg

Duck Team

Main article: Duck Team

Commanded by Noriko Isobe, the Duck Team (アヒルさんチーム Ahiru-san Chīmu) consists of members of the currently-disbanded volleyball team. They operate a Japanese Type 89 I-Go.

Hippo Team

Main article: Hippo Team

Commanded by Erwin, the Hippo Team (カバさんチーム Kaba-san Chīmu) are so-called "history buffs" (歴女, reki-jo). They operate a German StuG. III Ausf.F.

Rabbit Team

Main article: Rabbit Team

Commanded by Azusa Sawa, the Rabbit Team (ウサギさんチーム Usagi-san Chīmu) is a group of first year students. They operate an American M3 Lee. They are Oarai's largest team. The M3 Lee is often confused with the M3 Grant, which is a slight variant of the same tank, employed by British forces via lend-lease.

Mallard Team

Main article: Mallard Team

Commanded by Midoriko Sono, the Mallard Team (カモさんチーム Kamo-san Chīmu) are three members of Oarai's Public Morals Committee. Mallard Team was formed and joined the Oarai senshado team midway through the tournament, before the Pravda match. They operate a French Char B1 bis.

Anteater Team

Main article: Anteater Team

Commanded by Mai Nekota, the Anteater Team (アリクイさんチーム Arikui-san Chīmu) are a group of three online gamers. They operate a Japanese Type-3 Chi-Nu. Together with Leopon Team, Anteater Team was one of the last to join the Oarai senshado team, only joining in time for the finals.

Leopon Team

Main article: Leopon Team

Commanded by Reira Nakajima, the Leopon Team (レオポンさんチーム Reopon-san Chīmu) includes members of the automotive club. They operate a German Tiger (P). Together with Anteater Team, Leopon Team was one of the last to join the Oarai senshado team, only joining in time for the finals.

Shark Team

Main article: Shark Team

Commanded by Ogin, the Shark Team (サメさんチーム Same-san chīmu) includes members of Bar Donzoko. They operate a British Mark IV tank, a World War I design. This team was the last one to join the Oarai senshado team, being formed just before the Winter Continuous Track Cup depicted in Das Finale.

Secondary Members

Oarai Girls' Academy has several other students or residents who appear infrequently throughout the anime and its related works.

Taiga Ou

Main article: Taiga Ou

An upbeat and enthusiastic student who represents the Broadcast Club. She begins covering the school's progress through the senshado tournament once they reach the semifinals.


Main article: Mazoe

A volunteer from the Public Morals Committee who temporarily filled Momo Kawashima's role as the loader of the Hetzer when Momo was taken prisoner by the Anzio students. Her name is a pun on the word 'masochism'.


Main article: Sadoka

A volunteer from the Public Morals Committee who temporarily took over Momo Kawashima's job as the student PR manager when Momo was taken as a POW by Anzio students. Her name is a pun on the word 'sadism'.


A member of the Agricultural Science Department. She has short blonde hair and wears a cowboy hat.


A member of the Agricultural Science Department. She has long black hair and wears a straw hat.

Transfer Members

On the eve of the match against the All-Stars University Team, notable students from most of the other major senshado high schools transferred into Oarai in order to join the fight. These students stayed around in Oarai for a short time after the crisis, generally enjoying Oarai's environment and each other's company.

  • Maho Nishizumi (Transferred from Kuromorimine)
  • Erika Itsumi (Transferred from Kuromorimine)
  • Koume Akaboshi (Transferred from Kuromorimine)
  • Emi Kojima (Transferred from Kuromorimine)
  • Kay (Transferred from Saunders)
  • Alisa (Transferred from Saunders)
  • Naomi (Transferred from Saunders)
  • Helmet-Chan (Transferred from Saunders)
  • Katyusha (Transferred from Pravda)
  • Nonna (Transferred from Pravda)
  • Klara (Transferred from Pravda)
  • Nina (Transferred from Pravda)
  • Alina (Transferred from Pravda)
  • Darjeeling (Transferred from St. Gloriana)
  • Orange Pekoe (Transferred from St. Gloriana)
  • Assam (Transferred from St. Gloriana)
  • Rosehip (Transferred from St. Gloriana)
  • Rukuriri (Transferred from St. Gloriana)
  • Anchovy (Transferred from Anzio)
  • Carpaccio (Transferred from Anzio)
  • Pepperoni (Transferred from Anzio)
  • Mika (Transferred from Jatkosota)
  • Aki (Transferred from Jatkosota)
  • Mikko (Transferred from Jatkosota)
  • Kinuyo Nishi (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Fukuda (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Haru Tamada (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Hosomi (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Nagura (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Hamada (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Teramoto (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)
  • Ikeda (Transferred from Chi-Ha-Tan)

Vehicles Operated

Tanks of Oarai


  • PzKpfw IV Ausf.D (used from the beginning up to and including the Anzio match)
    • PzKpfw IV Ausf.F2 (converted from the Ausf.D, used in semi-finals against Pravda)
    • PzKpfw IV Ausf.H (converted from the Ausf.F2, used in final against Kuromorimine)

Borrowed Tanks

Students from other schools transferring into Oarai for the match against the All-Stars University Team brought their tanks along with them as 'private property'. During this time, Oarai possessed one of the most powerful and diverse Sensha-dō arsenals of any Japanese high school.

Mentioned only

  • Type 5 Chi-Ri

Non-fighting vehicles

Theme Music


  • The name Oarai comes from the actual city of Ōarai in Japan. The town has since become aware of their highlight and tourism has been boosted because of the show.
    • The town is famous for its anglerfish (also known as monkfish) in real life, inspiring the dance and the name of the fictional school's leading team.
    • In the manga, despite the senshado team having been disbanded a long time ago, Oarai still retains their pride as a "city of tanks." This could be because either the old senshado team is so famous, the citizens are deeply in love with tanks, or both.
  • Its logo is a sky blue and deep blue kanji "Ō" (大) with a white kanji for "arai" (洗) superimposed on top of it.
  • As the school had previously had its senshado team disbanded, it is one of the few —perhaps the only— senshado school with an unknown number of tanks operated before the current era. As of Das Finale, they have nine operational tanks (the Panzer 38(t) having been converted into the Hetzer).
  • The official English name of the school is Ōarai Girls' Academy.
  • Oarai was the first school that has been shown to employ tanks from more than one country, unlike the other competing schools that seem to focus on the tanks of a single nation.
  • It is also the only school to have no specific school theme; only the anime's theme music was used to represent it.
  • Oarai's uniform in the manga differs from that in the anime. In the manga, the uniform has the Reichsadler emblem on the chest, while in the anime the emblem is instead a white cross.
  • The academy ship is based on and is named after the Zuikaku(瑞鶴, "Auspicious Crane"), a Shōkaku-class aircraft carrier of World War II. Zuikaku took part in the attack on Pearl Harbor and was later sunk on October 25, 1944 during the battle of Leyte Gulf, along with three battleships incuding the superbattleship Musashi, Yamato's sister ship.
  • Oarai's academy ship (Zuikaku) was depicted as a lot smaller than St. Gloriana's (Ark Royal), but in real life the Zuikaku was larger than the Ark Royal by over 18m in length.
  • Oarai is the school which has the fewest members participating in senshado.
  • In the 9th Chapter of the spin-off manga Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior, it is said that the Duck Team landed the most hits and was the most manoeuvrable overall.
  • In the Girls und Panzer: Anthology comic Chapter XIII, Tsukie, the elderly woman who greets Miho on the morning of the Oarai-St. Gloriana practice match, said that the old Oarai senshado team used the Panzer IV (Ausf D and F2) and Type-3 Chi-Nu for the bulk of their lineup. In the end of the chapter, she also mentioned that Oarai was able to field a Type 5 Chi-Ri, the prototype of Japan's most formidable tank in World War II.


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