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Noemi Kohiyama

Noemi Kohiyama is a tank commander featured in Girls und Panzer: The Fir Tree and the Iron-Winged Witch.


Noemi is a second year student of Count High School. She commands a T.3 (Panzer III Ausf.N) Medium tank.


Noemi is a medium-sized girl with short dark brown hair with a ahoge and purple eyes. She is seen wearing Count's Sensha-do uniform during matches and wears the ordinary school uniform outside of matches.


Noemi is shown to be a charismatic girl. Though a capable and experienced commander, she suffers from a severe lack of confidence: her doubts about her skills to be tank commander made her quite nervous during her first match as the commander. She she is quite warmhearted and kind with the people she cares for, like her closest friend (and driver), Anna, or her senpai (and previous tank commander) who introduced her to Sensha-dō, however she is easily embarrassed and blushes almost instantly. Despite her lack of confidence, she is seen confronting her commander about her illogical tactics based on divination, but despite giving a sound opinion she eventually has to obey her commander.

Noemi idolizes the previous commander and sees herself as unworthy of being her successor as the commander of the tank, despite "senpai" Anna and Mizuki trying to convince her otherwise.

She is very sensitive, and when despite Anna's attempts to cheer her up she ends up crying, and Anna decides to kick her out of her crying, she ends up crying even harder and runs away.

She appears to have a strong and almost supernatural connection to nature, somehow locating Saunders' tanks during the match even before they appear from the woods. She is also quite knowledgeable and passionate about agriculture and plants.


Noemi was a born into a family of farmers during apple blossom season, and her father owns an apple farm. Noemi expresses her desire to help her family with the farm. She enrolled in Count High School's Agricultural Department and, when she was a first year student, was invited to join the Sensha-dō team by her senpai and mentor. There she became the loader for a T.3, and was paired with the second year gunner Mizuki Ikarashi. She at some point played a match against Anzio Girls High School where her tank was taken out, but she managed to take out at least one CV-33 before that. When she became a second year student, her mentor promoted her (much to her surprise) to commander of the same T.3 tank during her graduation ceremony.

Noemi is then seen commanding her tank (Tank N°3) in a training match against Saunders University High School. During the match, Noemi's tank and the TA manage to destroy a M4 Sherman emplaced in a barn. Later in the battle she complains about her commander's tactics after losing their best asset, the Maresal. In the end she stays behind as a rear guard, and after opening fire on Saunders her tank is heavily bombarded. When her tank takes several hard hits (but is not taken out) and falls backward down a cliff in a landslide, Noemi is knocked unconscious. She hopes that even if her tank is destroyed it will become an obstacle to hinder Saunders.

Noemi is later woken up by Erika. Sad and disheartened that she failed to thin Saunders' force, Noemi (after Anna manages to cheer her up) and her crew get to repairing the damage the tank received from Saunders.


  • Noemi was born during the season of apple blossoms, which puts her birthday between late April to late May.
  • Noemi's "magical" connection with nature is the first hint of any form of the supernatural in the GUP universe (apart from the weird and unrealistic physics the franchise is known for). However as this "magical" ability is not yet explained, it could also be a case of a keen sense of hearing.
  • Noemi participated in the Kalusari dancing festival in her school and was praised by Anna for her performance.
  • It seems that Noemi believed that Witch Senpai has actual magic powers when she asked her to cast a spell on the tank shells, and was actually surprised when Senpai told that she can't do that.
  • Noemi loves Granny Smith apple pie.


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