Nishihara (西原, Nishihara) is a secondary character featured in Girls und Panzer das Finale.


She is a member of Chi-Ha-Tan Academy's Sensha-dō club as the commander of a Type 2 Ka-Mi, an amphibious tank.


Nishihara is an average sized girl, with bobbed black hair and dark grey eyes. She wear the standard Sensha-do uniform of Chi-Ha-Tan Academy.


At first glance, Nishihara seem to be a girl willing to sacrifice herslef in suicidal attacks like most of her teammates. However, with the new strategy adopted during their match against Ooarai Girls Academy, she has shown some capacity to restrain her impulses and follow Nishi's orders to avoid needless suicidal charges.


Nishihara participated with her team in the Winter Continuous Track Cup, where they fought against Ooarai in the second round of the tournament. She commanded one of the two Ka-Mi amphibious tanks that attacked Ooarai's team from the lake where the latter entrenched on its shores. Because Ooarai's flag tank was too far to attack, Nishihara decided to go after Hippo Team instead by sneak up on their flank, taking advantage of the fact that their Stug III had the gun fixed into the chassis and had to slowly turn the whole tank. Mallard Team, however, did managed to spot Nishihara's approach and quickly moved to rescue Hippo Team at the cost of their own tank. Having managed to knock out Mallard Team and losing the surprise factor, Nishihara retreat back into the lake. Shortly after she rejoined Chi-Ha-Tan main group and eventually was lured into a trap and fell in a deep and muddy ditch like the rest of her team. With the other Ka-Mi she tried to make her way trough a path that lead away from that ditch, but Ooarai managed to close the way by provoking a landslide. Given the situation, commander Nishi give the unexpected order to retreat and disengage by escaping from a second path on the other side, using their superior speed and mobility to avoid a complete encirclement. Nishihara, like the rest of the team, followed Nishi's order and managed to escape Ooarai's trap.


  • Yuka Inoue, her voice actress, also voice the character Saemonza.
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