Miho Nishizumi
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Miho Nishizumi

"Panzer Vor!"
―Miho Nishizumi
"You fought like you, Miho. Completely different from the Nishizumi-style."
―Maho Nishizumi

Miho Nishizumi (西住 みほ, Nishizumi Miho) is the main protagonist of Girls und Panzer, as well as the tank commander of the Anglerfish Team and overall commander of the Ooarai Girls Academy's Sensha-dō team


Miho is a second year student from Ooarai Girls Academy. She became the overall commander of her school's Sensha-dō team due to the support of other members of the team. She is also the commander of the Anglerfish Team, which operates a German Panzer IV.

She is the youngest daughter of Shiho Nishizumi and younger sister to Maho Nishizumi.


Miho is a medium-sized girl with short, light brown hair and a pair of light brown eyes. She bears a striking physical resemblance to her sister.

Miho is usually seen wearing the Ooarai Girls Academy uniform. During battle, she wears the school's Sensha-dō jacket. In less formal situations, she has worn assorted casual wear at home or in social situations. Most notably, she wore a yellow dress with white sleeves when she visited her home.

As with most of the members of Ooarai's Sensha-dō team, she has performed the Anko Dance while wearing the costume to go with it.


Miho is known for her cheerful and polite demeanor, occasional shyness, and as a highly talented Sensha-dō commander. During every Sensha-dō match, she becomes serious, calm and decisive. Her hobby is collecting bandaged teddy bears called Boko, of which she already has a lot in her apartment and her room back in the Nishizumi's house.

At the start of the series, Miho was trying to distance herself from Sensha-dō due to her recent negative experience in it, but chose to take it up with her friends. She gradually starts to enjoy it again, but held tight to her belief that one's comrades are more important than victory, willing to accept defeat if it means saving them from harm.

One of her most important traits is without doubt her loyalty to her friends, being ready to do everything for their sake (such as when she saved her teammate's life, or when she accepted to join Ooarai's Sensha-dō team when her friends were being threatened for supporting her). It can also be directed to her new school, as when she learned that defeat in the tournament means that Ooarai will close, she became determined in doing her best to achieve victory. Also, although she took a different path, she still loves her sister and holds her in high regard.


Early years

Miho Hitomi Chihiro Panzer IV

Miho shows the Panzer IV to Hitomi and Chihiro.

During her childhood, Miho had difficulties finding friends due to her passion for Shensa-do, something that most girls find weird. This changed when she met in elementary school Hitomi Yuzumoto and Chihiro Yusa, who got an interest into Sensha-do, making Miho happy to finally made some friends. Miho also met Emi Nakasuga, a half German-Japanese girl who seem to bear some quarrel against Miho's sister, Maho. Miho, Hitomi and Chihiro started to get along driving one of the Nishizumi family's personal tank, a Panzer IV, but during their first day driving it Hitomi fell from the tank while getting out of it and got a sprained ankle in the process. Luckly for them in that moment Emi was passing by with her bycicle and Miho asked her for help driving the tank back with all of them, having guessed she had some previous experience. Altough with some reluctance, Emi joined the group.

While Miho thought to have created a bond of friendship with the three girls, things didn't work out smoothly, as later on at school Emi and Hitomi had a discussion that made them quit with their meetings. At first, Miho was demorilzed with the situation but, after remembering an advise that her sister Maho gave her when she was younger, she decided to be more persistent and solve the quarrel between Emi and Hitomi. With that in mind, she went after Emi to talk with her and knowing her better. Miho learnt about Emi's older sister who came into Japan from Germany to practice Shensha-do and that she came here with her parents. Emi told Miho that she do not like Japan, as everyone play kid's games instead of Sensha-do. Miho told Emi she understand her feelings, as she did experience the same during her childhood and she hoped to befriend Emi, Hitomi and Chihiro because of their common interest in Sensha-do. In the end Emi agreed to make peace with Hitomi, who in the meantime was convinced to do the same by Chihiro. The two girls settled their dispute and the four girls reformed the Sensha-do group.

One day, after school, Miho met at the exit her sister Maho who she hasn't saw her for a while. Miho was happy to present her to her new friends, with Hitomi and Chihiro beign friendly. Emi, however, reacted coldly and walked away after telling Miho that she didn't want to be anywhere near Maho, reminding of Miho that Emi's older sister's team was defeated by Maho's team. The next day at school Emi made very clear to Miho that she hates Maho and Miho defended her older sister in an angrily manner, telling impulsively to Emi she hate her. After school, Miho returned home feeling sad about the quarrel she had with Emi and share her feelings with Kikuyo Idegami, a servant and close friend to the Nishizumi family. Kikuyo gave to Miho her advice and the latter came up with the idea of setting a tank match, with Miho and her friends against her sister Maho, so that Emi could learn more about Maho even though Emi don't want to see her. After asking to her sister Maho, Miho went to Emi's house to convice her to accept and it was than she learned that Emi will go back to Germany after she will graduate. Miho managed to convice Emi to fight against Maho on the condition that Miho will give her best as a commander to win the match.

The day of the match, Miho and her friends met with Maho on the Nishizumi's tank practice field. Accompaning Maho were three of her companions from Kuromorimine and Kikuyo, who will act as the refree. Miho's team will drive the Panzer IV, while Maho will face them with a StuG III. Before the start of the match, Maho told Miho she will not go softly just because is a friendly match, making Miho even more nervous. During the match Miho kept acting unsure on what to do, fearing to make a mistake and knowing she is facing a tank ace such as her sister. This attitude made Emi furious, to the point she intimate to Miho to leave the seat of commander if she continued like that. With the incouragment from her friends, Miho recollected herslef and gave her best to win the match, but even that wasn't enough, as in the end Maho's managed to defeat them all the same. Still, the match was a close one, as it would have ended in a draw by Maho's own admission if a tree didn't stand between her Stug III and Miho tank's shell. Miho apologized to Emi for losing the match, but Emi told her it wasn't a big deal as Miho kept her promise to do her best in trying to win.

After the match the two teams thanked each other, however, Emi still hold a cold and distant attitude towards Maho, at least until the latter gave to Emi some medicament for an injury she took during the match, to which Emi thanked her. Miho thought that things were improving between Emi and Maho, however, Miho discovered a hard truth about her sister when Emi asked her about the match Maho had against Emi's sister. Specifically she asked why Maho took advantage of a moment when her sister was helping one of Maho's own teammates who fell off a cliff, in order to win the tournament. Miho was schoked on hearing this and asked her sister if what Emi said was true. Before Maho could answer to Miho the conversation was interrupted by Miho and Maho's mother, Shiho, who asked what was happening and congratulated her daughter Maho for her performance during the tournament; shortly after both Shiho and Maho leaved the field back to their home.

Miho went home as well, after she saluted her friends. Back at home, she waited outside of her mother's studio, where Shiho and Maho were talking about the tournament before getting outside. Miho asked her mother to speak privately with Maho and, after her mother took the leave, asked her sister again if what Emi told earlier was true. Maho coldly confirmed Emi's words, smashing Miho's high opinion she had towards Maho and Sensha-do, to the point she started crying after Maho leaved.

The next day at school, Miho told her friends she was thinking about quitting Sensha-do. This made Emi angered and took Miho by her arm to drag her outside of the school. Outside, Emi apologized for having misjudged Maho and insisted that Miho should tell her what was passing in her mind, as friends should do it always. Hitomi and Chihiro, who were overhearing the conversation, also agreed with Emi and joined them. Miho, moved by her friend's kindness, told them what happend yesterday and Hitomi pointed out that Maho started to act differently only after Shiho showed up. Hitomi told Miho that she should talk directly to her mother, however, the girls realized that Miho's mother seemed as a scary woman. Chihiro than proposed they should all go together to support Miho and, altough reluctant, they all agreed.

Miho and her friends waited for Miho's mother at the guest's room of the Nishizumi mansion and, altough they waited for quite a while, they eventually got the chance to speak with her. Miho asked her mother if what Maho did in the finals of the torunament - shooting the enemy's flag tank while helping one of Maho's own team members - was really necessary, to which Shino answered that it was a foolish question, that a member of the Nishizumi should feel embarassed to ask something like that and that the Nishizumi Sensha-do style only aim at strenght and victory; than she asked Kikuyo to accompany Miho's friends bakc to their homes. At the exit Emi commented on Shino's attitude and on the fact that Maho, who was also present at the meeting, didn't said a word for the whole time. Kikuyo stepped in and politely asked the girls to understand Maho's critical position, being the heir apparent of the Nishizumi style and thus carrying a great responsibility. Later that evening, Maho spoke with Miho and told her that she was surprsed to see her questioning their mother and that she must find her own Sensha-do to be happy.

A week later Miho was still in conflict between Maho's encouragment to find her own path and what is expected from her as a Nishizumi. She shared her feelings with Emi and implied that she might want to quit with Sensha-do, making Emi anger and taking the decision to go back to Germany with her parents. They day before Emi's departure, Miho asked Kikuyo what were her thoughts about what her mother said during the meeting with her friends but Kikuyo hesitated, saying that it would have been desrespectful towards lady Shiho.

The next morning Miho didn't go to school, not wanting to show her sad expression to the others, despite being the last time she will see Emi before she leaves to Germany. Miho isolated herself into the Panzer IV for most of the day, until Chihiro and Hitomi showed up along with Kikuyo, wanting Miho to come with them to say farewell to Emi. The three eventually managed to convince Miho to change her mind by telling her that Sensha-do isn't just about refining one's technique with tanks, but also to polish a persona in the way they should be, as well as revealing her that Emi is going back to Germany to find her own Sensha-do thanks to Miho's encouragments. Moved by such revelations, Miho drived hastly with the Panzer IV to reach Emi, accompained by Chihiro and Hitomi.

The three girls managed to reach Emi, who was traveling onboard a train. Emi, shocked to see her friends driving alongside the train, opened the window. Miho told Emi that she will continue to practice Sensha-do and find her own path and, once both her and Emi find their own Sensha-do, she will promise they will meet again. Miho's words moved Emi deeply and the four girls saluted each others happily.

Miho, Chihiro and Hitomi continued to spend time together, even they though they didn't ride tanks again. Eventually the girls took different paths after their graduation, with Hitomi going into a school with Sensha-do, Chihiro into a sport's school and Miho entering into Kuromorimine High School to practice Sensha-do alongside her sister Maho.

62nd National High School Sensha-Dō Tournament

Kuromorimine managed to reach the finals against Pravda and Miho, who by this time was the team's vice-commander, was given the command of the flag tank, a Tiger I. During the match, Miho was leading a column on a road bordering a steep cliff and engaged Pravda's tanks. During the fight, a Panzer III fell down into the water, sinking along with the crew inside it. Fearing for her companion's lives, Miho deliberately left her tank and jump into the water to rescue them. Miho managed to do so, however, the price for her actions was the defeat of her team, as Pravda managed to hit and knock off Miho's flag tank, who was immobile after Miho left it.


Miho being scold by her mother in front of Maho.

Miho's actions costed to Kuromorimine the chance to win the tenth tournament edition in a row. After these events, Shiho Nishizumi chided Miho for having not followed her family's sensha-do tradition and show weakness, with her sister Maho assisting at the scene without step in in Miho's defence.

New life in Ooarai

The events of the previous tournament and its afterwards had a major impact on Miho and her view of Sensha-do, seeing it only as an oppressing and harsh environment, so much so that she made the decision to leave both Kuromorimine and her family and transfer into the little-known Ooarai Girls Academy, where she hoped to make a new happy life with new friends and have nothing to do with Sensha-do, having chosen Ooarai specifically because it didn’t have a Sensha-do team.

Ep 1-2

Miho having lunch with her new two friends.

In the first day of her life in the new school Miho was excited and happy, looking forward to meet new schoolmates. However, by the time of lunch break, none of the students approached her, making Miho sad. Things changed when two classmates, Saori Takebe and Hana Isuzu, approached Miho and invited her to have lunch with them; of course, Miho accepted. The three girls were getting along and talked to each other until the Student Council (Anzu Kadotani, Yuzu Koyama and Momo Kawashima) approached Miho to convince her, quite forcefully, to choose the Sensha-do course, which was to be reintroduced this year, much to Miho's surprise. The aftershock left Miho with an expressionless face and an absentee mood. Worried, her teacher sent Miho to the infirmary, soon followed by the equally worried Saori and Hana.
Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 7.13.22

Miho pressured to join Sensha-do by the Student Council.

Miho told the two girls about her family Sensha-do tradition and how she dislikes it, receiving support and solidarity by the two girls in return. Shortly after, they were invited by the Student Council via intercom along with the rest of the school to the gym, were they watched an old orientation film about Sensha-do, making Miho even more upset. After school Saori and Hana expressed their intention to join the Sensha-do club to Miho, inviting her to join it as well in a cheerful way. That night Miho sat on her bed and recalled what made her quit Sensha-do and Kuromorimine.

Reapproach Sensha-dō

The next day at school she showed to Saori and Hana her module where she picked another course and apologized for not having choose Sensha-do, knowing her two friends were excited about it. Saori and Hana, understanding her situation, showed solidarity to Miho by picking the same course, claiming that as long as they are together it will be fine. Later, Miho was summoned by the Student Council, who were displeased by her choice to not take the Sensha-do course to the point of threatening Saori and Hana, who accompanied Miho to support her, of expulsion if Miho did not comply. In the end Miho, for the sake of her new friends, decided to comply to the Student Council’s request and accepted to join the Sensha-do club. The next day Miho, alongside Saori and Hana, and other students who enlist in Sensha-do, gathered in front of a military compound nearby the school where they find the wreck of a rusty Panzer IV. Miho, after taking a look and despite the negative comments of some of the presents, states that the armour and the mobile parts seems to be in good shape and that the tank will be fixable.


Miho looking at the Panzer IV.

Having only one tank, the Student Council tasked the girls to go out and find others, believing there are still a few hidden somewhere on the ship. During the search, Miho’s group was joined by Yukari Akiyama, a shy girl who seemed to admire Miho and, when they found a Panzer 38(t) into a forest, is revealed to be a Sensha-do and tank buff. Eventually the girls managed to recover four tanks, the aforementioned Panzer 38, a Stug III, a Type 89 and an M3 Lee. In the assignment of the tanks to each group, the Panzer IV was given to Miho’s who then spent the rest of the school day cleaning and repairing the tank, along with the other club members.

Tumblr mtqtkwc8jz1sj78m8o1 1280

Miho's first encounter with Mako.

After the school, Yukari asked Miho, Saori and Hana to accompany her at a shop specialized in Sensha-do where Miho saw her sister Maho on television, making her uncomfortable. Seeing Miho's unhappiness, Saori proposes to go all at Miho’s place, where they had dinner and spent a fun time together. The next morning Miho woke up in a hurry, risking arriving late at school. Along the way she encountered a schoolmate, Mako Reizei, half-sleep and barely able to stand up on her own and decided to help her by dragging her all the way to school. They are scolded by Public Moral Committee member Midoriko Sono, also known as “Sodoko”, for being late and recommended Miho to not help Mako next time; Mako apologized to Miho and promised her she will return the favour.

Forming the Team

Later that day, Miho and the rest of the Sensha-do students meet with Ami Chōno, an officer of the armed forces and Sensha-do instructor, who invited the students to simulate a tank battle and assign the roles to each member. Yukari asked Miho to be the tank commander only to be rejected nervously by the latter. Saori than proposed to draw the roles, resulting in Saori being the commander, Yukari the gunner, Hana the driver and Miho both the loader and the radio operator, not having a fifth member to fit that role. With some initial difficulties, all the tanks managed to get out from the compound and reach their assigned starting points to begin the mock battle. It didn’t take too long before Miho and her friends were targeted by the volleyball club in the Type 89 and the history club in the Stug III, making Saori panic and shout at Hana to quickly retreat.

Panzer IV ausf. D

Miho and her friends during the mock battle.

Shortly after Miho noticed a girl a little further in front of their tank, laying on ground taking a nap. Miho tried to warn the others that they are going to run over the girl, but the latter was aware of the imminent danger and managed to jump over the chassis of the tank, revealing herself as Mako, the girl Miho helped earlier that morning. Saori was also surprised to see Mako there, with Miho concluding that the two girls were friends. The chase continued until the girls arrived at a suspension bridge. Miho climbed out of the tank and tried to guide Hana across, but it didn’t work out as Hana accidentally drove into one of the bridge’s suspension cables, putting the tank dangerously close to its edge. Even worse, the Stug III managed to catch up and fired a shot at the back of their Panzer IV and knocking Hana unconscious. Given the dire situation, Miho was about to replace Hana in the driver's seat, but Mako preceded her and managed to put the tank back into a safe position, surprising everyone onboard for being able to learn how to drive the tank by just taking a quick read on the manual. Despite being surrounded by the other four teams, Miho was able to guide her team into winning the training match by knocking down the Stug III, the Type 89 and the Panzer 38 of the Student Council, while the freshmen students in the M3 Lee panicked and tried flee, getting stuck and burning out their tanks engine in the process.

After the mock battle, Miho and her friends were relaxing into a hot bath, commenting on the recent events and redefining the roles they should have in the tank. They all agreed that Miho should be the commander, being the only one with experience in Sensha-do, while Saori, Hana, Yukari and Mako will be respectively the radio operator, gunner, loader and driver, although Mako was initially reluctant to join and it took Saori to persuade and change her mind. Later on, the girls went to a shop where Saori proposed to buy pillows, slippers and other things to change the tank’s interior and make it more comfortable.

The next day, at the training camp, Miho and her friends find out that the other teams have repainted their tanks with quite unique and bizarre patterns, making Saori jealous for not having done the same with the Panzer IV and Yukari upset for ruining her precious tanks, while Miho started to laugh, saying it was the first time she saw these kind of camouflages and she was never so happy about Sensha-do before that. The following days Miho and the rest of the Sesha-do club continued to do practice exercises, also because the Student Council invited St. Gloriana Girls College to do a friendly match against them. When the Student Council said they must meet at six in the morning the day of the match, Mako suddenly said she will quit with Sensha-do, having enormous trouble waking up in the morning and claiming that no human being can do that. Saori, once again, managed to convince Mako to reconsider, although barely.

Miho OC promotion

Miho's reaction for being nominated Ooarai's overall commander.

Later on, during a briefing, Momo showed the other tank commanders a plan where one of them will lure St. Gloriana’s tanks into an ambush point where the other four will fire on them. Miho expressed doubts about this strategy, claiming that St. Gloriana is too experienced to fall into an obvious trick like that. Momo started to yell at Miho for criticizing her “cunning plan”, while Anzu calmed the atmosphere by proposing Miho as overall commander of the Ooarai Sensha-do club. Anzu also offered to Miho a three day supply of dried sweet potato chips as a “reward” should they win, or do the Anglerfish Dance should they lose, an infamous dance known by all students in Ooarai as embarrassing, so much so that when Miho informed Saori, Hana and Yukari the three girls started to panic, even promising at all costs to win the match in order to avoid it and to do the dance along with Miho to support her in this shameful punishment; Saori then expressed concern for Mako, believing she will quit the team should they lose the match.

The morning of the match Miho received a call from Saori who was at Mako’s home trying to get her up and asked for help. Shortly after Miho and Hana arrived in the Panzer IV at Mako’s place, firing a blank shot in order to wake her up. All the girls, including Yukari who was there shortly before Miho, get inside the tank and went for the rendezvous point, passing trough the streets of the school ship’s town greeted and cheered on by the citizens. While the ship was approaching the dockyard of the mainland city of Ooarai, where the match against St. Gloriana would take place, Miho was admiring the city from afar while waiting for their tank to be disembark. Having never been to Ooarai before, Saori and the others promised Miho to take her around the city after the match. Shortly after, when they reached the dockyard, Miho and the others looked at St. Gloriana school carrier, who arrived at port shortly after, astonished by the much bigger dimensions compared to Ooarai’s ship, also spotting from afar Saint Gloriana’s tanks disembarking, one Churchill and four Matildas.

First Sensha-dō battle: Ooarai vs Saint Gloriana

Miho Yukari scouting

Miho and Yukari scouting St. Gloriana's tanks.

Ooarai’s team met St. Gloriana’s on a rocky terrain outside of the city for the formalities before the start of the match, where Momo thanked their leader, Darjeeling, for accepting their challenge despite the short warning. Miho and her friends followed Momo’s plan, getting close to St. Gloriana’s tanks and fire at them in order to provoke a chase and lure them into a narrow path of Ooarai’s hills where, on the opposite end of it, the rest of Ooarai’s team was waiting on top of a ridge to shoot at the adversary from a high ground. The plan, however, fell apart when Momo ordered to fire too early, nearly hitting Miho’s Panzer IV who in the meantime joined them. Moreover, St. Gloriana wasn’t caught off-guard by this tactic, as Miho had predicted during the briefing, as they managed climb the ridge where Ooarai was and surrounded them on two sides. The situation became critical when the freshmen students in the M3 Lee panicked and abandoned their tank, thus self-eliminating themselves from the match, while the Student Council’s Panzer 38 was having problems with one of their tracks. With two tanks out of combat and Momo having a breakdown, Miho was encouraged by her friends to take charge of the team and ordered the Stug III and Type 89 to follow and retreat into the city, using their speed and knowledge of the area to break contact and reorganize.

Miho's Panzer IV defeated by Darjeeling's Churchill.

Despite their best efforts, the team eventually lost both the Stug III and Type 89, managing to knock out only one Matilda; the rest of St. Gloriana chased after Miho’s tank and eventually caught it into a closed street. Miho, however, managed to escape from that situation when the Student Council’s tank suddenly showed up and, despite missing a shot at point blank range before getting shot in return and knock out for good, giving to Miho time to destroy one Matilda and flee through an alley. Using their superior speed and the element of surprise, Miho and her friends managed to knock out the other two Matildas, leaving only Darjeeling’s Churchill. Miho tried to make a faint move by pretending to charge at the Churchill and drifting swiftly to catch the adversary off guard on the other flank, but it didn’t work and Darjeeling managed to destroy the Panzer IV, declaring St. Gloriana the winner of the match.
Miho Anko Dance

Miho embarassed while performing the Anko Dance in public.

Shortly after the battle Darjeeling met with Miho and asking for her name. She was surprised to find that Miho was a member of the Nishizumi family, also stating that Miho was much different from her sister Maho before leaving. Having lost the match, Miho was forced to do the Anglerfish Dance in public, along with her friends and the Student Council, feeling embarrassed just like she has been told so by Saori and the others. After the public humiliation, Miho’s group had still some time to visit the town of Ooarai before get back to the school ship and so they went with the intention of do some shopping, with the exception of Mako who left them stating that she has to visit her grandmother.

During the visit of the town, the girls are met by a man pulling a rickshaw with a woman on it. Hana recognized him as Shinzaburo, a retainer of her mother Yuri Isuzu, the woman on the rickshaw who was shocked to discover that her daughter joined the Sensha-do team and fainted on the spot. Later on, Miho accompanied Hana to the Isuzu house, along with the other girls, where she eavesdropped on a quarrel between Hana and her mother, who didn’t approve of her daughter’s decision to abandon the family tradition of ikebana for Sensha-do, arriving to the point of banishing Hana from the house. Hana and Miho promised to each other they will do their best before leaving to the school ship.

Onboard they are greeted by the freshmen students who apologized to Miho for leaving the battlefield and promise her they will do better next time. The Student Council where also there to inform Miho that from now on she will be the one to do the strategies and to give her a present on behalf of St. Gloriana, a set of china tea cups, and a note written by Darjeeling where she said that she had more fun in the match against Miho than in the ones against her older sister Maho. Anzu recommended the girls to not lose another match now that they will participate into the Sensha-do High School Tournament. Some time later, Miho and her team attended at the opening ceremony of said tournament, where Miho extracted the number for her team to be placed into the board, resulting in a match against the Saunders University High School, one of the top favoured to win the tournament.

National Tournament

Miho and her friends were eating sweets in a tank-themed local cafe, each voicing concerns about going up against such a strong adversary. There she met in person her sister Maho, and the now vice-commander of Kuromorimine Erika, for the first time since she has left their school, with Erika mocking her and exchanging arguments with her friends. Later, Miho was onboard of a ship going back to school where Anzu reminded Miho the team is counting on her and Yukari assuring Miho that it will all be fine, however Miho was still worried about the upcoming match and wondering what their adversaries plans will be.

Anglerfish Yukari room

Miho and her friends in Yukari's bedroom.

Miho continued her usual life at school with her friends, but they were worried about Yukari, as she did not show up during the training exercises, therefore they decide to pay a visit to her house. Once there, they are welcomed by Yukari’s parents, particularly her father, Jungorou, who was surprised to find that his daughter had friends and thanking the girls for taking care of her. Yukari's mother, Yoshiko, brought the girls into Yukari’s room and make them comfortable, taking the moment to explain how difficult it has been for Yukari to find friends because of her obsession with tanks. Shortly after, Yukari herself entered the room from the window, wearing a convenience store uniform and surprised to see the girls. Yukari showed them a self-made film where she infiltrated the Saunders school ship and managed to obtain some intelligence about what they will be facing.

First round: Saunders

The day of the match Miho was invited by Alisa and Naomi to Saunders camp, along with her friends and the Student Council, where she met their commander Kay who let the impression to be a nice person. During the battle, Miho ordered Rabbit Team and Duck Team to go on a reconnaissance mission, while her Anglerfish Team and Hippo Team will defend Turtle Team, who was their flag tank. Things went south when Rabbit Team was engaged by six of Saunders' Shermans in a forest and were forced to fall back. Miho moved along with Duck Team to regroup with Rabbit Team, however they were also attacked by other three Shermans, surprising Ooarai’s girls for Saunders' bold move of concentrating all their tanks in the forest, with the exception of their flag tank. Despite being attacked by multiple sides, the three Ooarai’s tanks managed to force their way out of it and retreat safely.

Miho Hana shhh

Miho silence Hana after finding out Saunders are intercepting their radio communications.

Miho was surprised by Saunders’ well-coordinated attack, almost as if they have predicted their movements. A suspicious Miho looked at the sky and managed to spotted a balloon used to intercept their radio communications. Miho decided to use it to their advantage by giving Saunders false information while Saori used her cell phone to transmit the real orders to the other commanders. This proved to be an effective strategy, as they managed to lure Saunders into a spot were Ooarai set up an ambush, with Hippo Team managing to knock out one of their tanks.

The next step was to search for Saunders flag tank and eventually the Duck Team managed to do it and reported to Miho while being chased by it. Miho in the meantime set up an ambush along with the rest of the team and almost managing to take out Saunders flag tank before starting a chase and make it look like Ooarai was about to win the match. Things turn bad once more however, as Saunders reinforcements arrived in the form of four tanks, including a Sherman Firefly, beginning to chase and take out Ooarai’s tanks, namely Duck and Rabbit Team.

Things started to look desperate and some of the girls begin to lose hope, but Miho told them to carry on as all they need to do was focus on Saunders' flag tank. With that in mind, Miho decided to break the chase and take a hill were Hana could snipe a shot from above against the enemy’s flag tank. Naomi, who was the gunner in the Firefly, tried to stop them but she was only able to knock Miho’s Panzer IV a second too late before Hana managed to fire the decisive shell that knock out Alisa’s flag tank, thus declaring Ooarai winner of the match to everyone’s surprise.

Kay congratulates Miho in her own way

Kay's sudden hug to Miho.

After the battle, Kay met again face to face Miho, shocking her with a surprise hug to congratulate her for the exciting match they had. Miho than asked Kay why she attacked in the last phase with only four tanks, having more at disposal, with Kay answering that Sensha-do is sport and not war and thus one must act fairly; she also apologized for the radio interceptions, implying that it wasn’t her doing, before leaving Miho with a handshake. Later that day Mako received a phone call from an unknown number, saying that her grandmother had fallen and been brought to the hospital. Seeing Mako desperate to go there immediately, even attempting to pull off her uniform and swim back, Miho’s older sister Maho offered her a ride using their helicopter. Mako and Saori flew off with Erika while Miho thanked her sister, even though the latter seemed to ignore her.

Between one round and the other

Anglerfish hospital visit

Miho and her friends pay a visit to Mako's grandmother.

When Miho, Hana and Yukari got back to the town of Ooarai, they went to pay a visit to Mako and Saori who were at the hospital where Mako’s grandmother was recovering. There they witnessed the stubborn but lovely relationship between Mako and her grandmother, the latter asking Miho to take care of Mako as her friend. On their way to the school ship, Miho and the others are told by Saori, who has been Mako’s friend for a longer period, that Mako had a turbulent childhood as she lost both her parents in a car accident when she was in primary school, leaving her grandmother as the only family member still alive. Saori also told Miho that the last time Mako and her mother talked was in bad terms and that Mako deeply regrets never having the chance to apologize to her mother; this brought in Miho’s memory the time when her mother reproved Miho for her failure at the last National Tournament.

On her way to school, Miho encountered Saori struggling to carry Mako half asleep and decide to help bring her all the way to the school’s entrance where Sodoko sarcastically praised Mako for coming arriving in that state. Miho and the girls noticed a huge poster at the school’s entrance that celebrate Ooarai’s recent victory against Saunders in the tournament, hearing from Sodoko that the Student Council is promoting the news all over the school.

Anglerfish lunch break

Miho and her friends having lunch and talking about the match against Saunders.

Miho spent lunch break at the compound where their Panzer IV was, having lunch with her friends. It was on this occasion that Miho shared her feelings she had on Sensha-do up until that moment, being raised in an environment where all that matters was victory, but her new friends in Ooarai show them that having fun is what really matters instead. Yukari also told Miho that she saw the finals of the previous tournament, where Miho abandoned leaved the flag tank to help some of her comrades in danger, adding that Miho did well on that occasion and that those girls she helped are surely grateful.

Anglerfish rescue party

Miho, Hana, Yukari and Mako find the lost Saori and Rabbit Team.

Feeling the necessity to growing their numbers, Miho and the other members of the club went on to search for other tanks onboard the school ship. Miho, accompanied by Mako and Duck Team, went to the previous quarters of the Sensha-do club, nowadays in a state of neglect, and although they didn’t find any tank they find a 7.5 cm long-rifle gun, suitable to upgrade the Panzer IV. In the meantime, Hippo Team with Yukari find a Char B1 bis sunk into a lake. A third party made up by Saori and Rabbit Team was searching into the interior of the ship, but they got lost and called Mako for help via cell phone. Miho, along with Yukari, Mako and Hana went to search for the girls and eventually found them along with another tank hiding in the vicinity. Later on, Miho was in the hot baths along with all the girls of the Shensa-do club, where she give a brief and encouraging speech for the next match against Anzio.

Second round: Anzio

In the Student Council chamber, Miho and the girls are debriefed about the next match against Anzio by Momo, saying that they will fight on a mountain terrain and that in the previous match Anzio used C.V. 33 tankettes and Semovente 75 tank destroyers. She also stated that Anzio recently acquired a new tank that Anzio’s girls call “secret weapon” but did not reveal what tank is exactly. Yukari, however, returned from an infiltration mission on Anzio’s school ship on behalf of Anzu, showing to Miho and the others in a video that the secret tank was in fact a P40/26.

Miho HippoTeam Anzio

Miho and Hippo Team gathering informations about Anzio's tanks.

Since Miho never encountered that tank before and knowing very little about it, she payed a visit to Erwin and Caesar’s home, hoping they might have some information on the P40, being history buffs. The visit paid well, as Hippo Team did had a few books and manuals focusing on the Italian armed forces and Caesar even managing to translate those written in Italian, knowing the language. Caesar also told Miho and the rest of Hippo Team that she has an old friend studying and practicing Shensa-do in Anzio, however she didn’t want to use her friendship with her to their advantage.

Thanks to the new information, Miho stated that the only tank in their team able to knock out the P40 out of it’s range was the Stug III and therefore, during the exercises sessions, Miho trained personally Hippo Team on how to do it, using her own Panzer IV as a target practice being the only one resembling the size and shape of the P40. After the training Miho went with her friends to Saori’s apartment where they had a dinner based on Italian dishes.
Battle of Anzio

Miho confronting Anchovy.

The day of the match, Miho encountered Anzio’s team leader, Anchovy, who wanted to wish good luck as a gesture of courtesy and at the same time meet face to face the famous Nishizumi girl she heard about. At the start of the match, Miho ordered Duck Team to go ahead scouting the area of the crossroad at the centre of the battlefield. The latter did so and shortly after reported via radio to Miho that two Semovente and three CVs where already north of there and they were completely immobile and with the engines turned off. Miho than ordered Rabbit Team to go ahead as well and scout south of the crossroad where they did spot other two Semovente and four CVs also immobile and with the engines turned off.

Things were suspicious, as Hana and Yukari pointed out that Anzio’s tanks spotted so far were eleven, not counting the P40 who still didn’t show up, when the rules of the tournament stated that in the first and second round no more than ten tanks per team were allowed. The two girls suspected that Anzio might be cheating, however, Miho had another theory in mind and ordered Rabbit and Duck Teams to shoot at Anzio’s tanks and retreat in a safe position if they responded. The two tanks did so and were shocked when they find out that those were not tanks but wooden boards shaped and coloured to resemble them. Having discovered the subterfuge, Miho theorized that Anzio was trying to keep Ooarai team in place at the crossroad with that decoy while Anzio’s fastest tanks were doing an encirclement manoeuvre. To counter this, Miho ordered Duck and Rabbit teams to find Anzio’s tanks and keep them at bay while Anglerfish, Hippo and Turtle Team – the latter was also the flag tank – went on to the main road to find the P40 flag tank. Shortly after Miho and Anchovy, who was on the P40, met each other on the road and engaged in a chase along with Turtle Team and a CV tankette, while Hippo Team was stuck in a duel against a Semovente.

Miho Anchovy banquet

Miho enjoy the post-match banquet with Anchovy.

Eventually Ooarai team managed to destroy all of Anzio’s tanks and lead the enemy P40 into an open space using Turtle Team as a bait. There, the Anglerfish Team used a cliff to have an advantageous shot against Anzio’s flag tank, knock it out and winning the match losing only Hippo Team in the duel against the Semovente who was later revealed to be commanded by Caesar’s old friend, Carpaccio. After the battle Anchovy met again Miho and the other girls to congratulate for their victory and wishing them to reach the finals where Anzio will cheer for them. Shortly after Anzio’s girls set up a buffet where both teams feasted and had fun together.

Semi-finals: Pravda

Ooarai’s team managed to reach the semi-finals where they must face Pravda, the current champions of the tournament. On this occasion, the team reinforced themselves by upgrading Anglerfish’s Panzer IV to an F2 model, armed with a 7.5 cm long-barrel anti-tank gun thanks to the job done by the Motor Club. They also managed to recruit the Public Morals Committee, formed by Sodoko, Moyoko Gotou and Nozomi Konparu to crew the Char B1 bis. With all the girls reunited in the compound before the daily training, Momo incited all they must win at all costs, even silenced with an almost fanatical response Rabbit Team’s light attitude on saying that losing against the champions was not a big deal and they will always have another chance the next year. Momo’s overreacting attitude leaved everyone astonished, wondering why she act like that, including Miho who was asked by Anzu to meet her and the rest of the Student Council after the training in their office, saying they have something important to tell her.

Miho Student Council dinner

Miho having dinner with the Student Council.

Miho showed up at the appointment, where she joined the three girls at the kotatsu for dinner. The Student Council did not talked too much and just showed to Miho some photos of their past years into Ooarai. After dinner, Miho left the girls, still wondering what they wanted to tell her that it was so important.

The day of the match, the commander of Pravda Katyusha, accompanied by her vice Nonna, met Ooarai's team before the start of the battle, mocking the girls and their tanks, including Miho which she "thanked" her for helping Pravda winning the last year's tournament before leaving. Miho proposed a cautious plan but the other girls, excited for their previous successes and eager to quit Katyusha's arrogance, insisted for an aggressive approach. Seeing the enthusiasm of the team, Miho agreed.

In the first contact with the adversary, Ooarai managed to easly knock out three tanks and even putting pressure on Pravda's flag tank, forcing them to fall back. Galvanized by this intial success, the entire Ooarai team recklessy pursued Pravda, ignoring Miho's commands who was suspicious for the ease in putting out of combat those three tanks. Miho was forced to stick with the rest her team in their pursue of the enemy flag tank which end up in a ghost town. Miho's suspicious proved to be right, as Pravda used their flag tank as bait to lure Ooarai into a trap, sorrounding and shoot them from all sides. With all the escape routes blocked, Miho ordered the team to take shelter inside a church, big enough to contain all of their tanks.

Ep 8 Miho

Miho trying to stop her overconfident team.

Pravda kept on with the bombardment for a little while before ceasing fire and sending a delegation under white flag, offering Ooarai the chance to surrender and kneel before Katyusha, giving also three hours to decide. Most of the girls wanted to keep on with the fight, however Miho was prone to surrender, fearing for the girls safety in that chaotic situation, recieving also support from her friends. Momo however insisted on keep on with the fight no matter what, almost sounding fanatical and making Miho wonder why she want to win all the costs. In the end Momo and Anzu were forced to confess to all the girls that if they do not win the tournament, their school will be shut down.

The Truth

The Student Council reveal the truth to Miho and the others.

The sudden news shocked and demorilezed the Ooarai team, but Miho encouraged to not give up and carry on with the fight. Seeing the girls were still down in the dumps, Miho improvised by dancing and singing the Anglerfish ballet, in an effort to cheer everyone. The effort paid well, as all the girls joined Miho with a reinvigorated morale. Shortly after, a Pravda student arrived and asked Ooarai if they surrender, to which Miho replied that they won't.

Miho's team rushed out of the church, charging against Pravda's ecnirclement. At first they went after a gap between Pravda's lines, let on prupose by Katyusha as a bait so that her tanks can annihilate Ooarai. However, Miho's team took Pravda by surprise when they suddenly changed course and charged against the strongest point of Pravda. Turtle Team separated from the main group and faced some of Prada's tanks at point blank range in order to give to the rest of Ooarai the opportunity to break the encirclement, knocking two enemy tanks before put out of combat by Nonna.

With one tank out of the match and being chased by Pravda, Miho decided to go after the enemy flag tank, which was hiding somewhere without protection. Along with Hippo Team, Miho separated from the rest of the team unseen by Pravda and began to search for their flag tank. Miho asked Yukari to get off the Panzer IV and go on scouting the area from the top of a tower. Yukari did manage to find Pravda's flag tank and reported the position to Miho who started to chase it along with Hippo Team after a brief fight with a KV-2, which was quickly knocked out. The situation was getting worst as both Rabbit and Mallard Team were taken out by Nonna and her powerful IS-2, leaving only Ooarai's flag tank, Duck Team, on their own. Miho, however, noticed Pravda's flag tank was circling around the same position in order to give enough time for Pravda to win. Miho than told Hippo Team to dig in in the snow with the gun pointing in the opposite direction while Anglerfish Team kept on with the pursue and lure the flag tank right in front of the Stug III gun to be knock out. The plan worked and not a moment too soon, for Nonna managed to hit Duck Team. Fortunatley for Ooarai it wasn't a knock-out hit and they came out on top as winners of the match.

Miho Katyusha aftermatch

Miho and Katyusha shaking their hands.

After the battle, Katyusha showed her respect to Miho for not have fallen into her trap and instead going after the thoughest part of Pravda's line, not expecting Miho to succed in such a bold move. Miho also agreed to Katysha and also said that if Katyusha had attacked right away they would have lost. Katyusha disagreed with Miho, forclibly admitting that her team did good and that she will attend the finals before leaving.

The calm before the storm

During the preparations for the finals against Kuromorimine, Miho discussed with the Student Council what they will likely to face, mentioning her former school will probably field Tigers, Panthers and Jagdpanthers. The odds were heavily against them and, in order to make them more favourable, the team grew in numbers with the Automobile Club finishing the reparations the Porsche Tiger that was found some time earlier; the four girls of the Automobile Clubs crew the new tank and joined the rest of the club as the Leopon Team. Miho was also approached by Nekota, a shy girl who expressed her desire to join the Sensha-do club by driving a Type 3 Chi-Nu she found in a parking lot; later on Nekota was joined by Piyotan and Momoga, two schoolmates whom Nekota play online games, thus forming the Anteater Team. The Ooarai Team also used the few funds at disposal to upgrade the Turtle Team’s Pazner 38 into a Hetzer and the Anglerfish Panzer IV from an F2 to an H model.
Broken down and on fire

Miho and the others observing the new acquirement, the Tiger (P).

With the upgrades concluded Hana asked Miho to have the rest of day free, as she must participate to an Ikebana showroom in the weekend, where she will present a composition of her own. On the day, Miho and her friends went to see Hana and her beautiful creation, a “strong and delicate one at the same time” as described by both Miho and Hana’s mother, who was also present and reconciled with her daughter. The day before the finals, Miho had a dinner along with her friends in her apartment, where Saori also showed to everyone she obtained a certification as a tank radio operator. Miho shared her feelings about the friendships she had made, telling the girls that she loved all of them. Yukari, being the star-struck fan, was excited at the prospect of having such a close friendship with Miho, while Saori jokingly reminded her that girls shouldn't be thinking such things. Miho was clearly embarrassed by this, while the rest of the girls laughed at her expense.

Finals: Kuromorimine

Ford M151

Miho meet the other commanders before the finals.

The day of the final match, Miho encountered all the previous commanders she has fought, whom they wished good luck and expected from Miho a great performance. Darjeeling in particular pointed out that that Miho has an unusual talent to befriend her former adversaries. At the pre-match meeting with their adversary, Miho met one of the girls she saved in the finals of the last year’s tournament, Koume Akaboshi. The girl wanted to thank Miho for saving her and expressed happiness knowing Miho did not abandon Sensha-do.

Ooarai KMM finals

Miho and her team preparing to fire at Kuromorimine.

During the final debriefing Miho give her team the orders and told them to not worry of a Kuromorimine attack in the first phase of the match, given their starting positions were far from each other. This proved to be an error of judgment, as Kuromorimine took a short-cut trough a forest and heavily engaged Ooarai’s team, resulting in the elimination of Anteater Team right at the start of the match. Being already short of one tank and pressed by Kuromorimine, Miho ordered the team to deploy smoke screen so that they can distance themselves from their adversaries and reach a defensive position on the top of a hill, while Turtle Team slowed Kuromorimine with hit and run tactics.

Once they reached the top of the hill, Miho and her teammates opened fire on Kuromorimine, who was slowly climbing said hill. The defensive position on a high ground gave an initial advantage to Ooarai, being able to knock out a Panther and a Jagdpanzer IV, but Kuromorimine counter the disadvantage by putting on the first line their Jagdtiger, whose armour was impervious to Ooarai’s firepower. Satisfied of the results so far, Miho decided that it was the time to leave that position and disengage for the moment. In order to do that, Miho asked Turtle Team to drive in the middle of Kuromorimine’s tanks, creating enough confusion and chaos among their ranks to open a path for the rest of Ooarai team and break through, eliminating another Jagdpanzer IV in the process.

Miho rescue RabbitTeam

Miho saves Rabbit Team.

After a brief chase, Miho and the girls managed to make some distance from their adversaries and reached the shores of a river, which they started to cross. Problems started to show off when the M3 Lee of Rabbit Team remained stacked in the middle of the crossing, unable to move any further and even started to tilt on one side. Miho, who was having a flashback of that time she sacrificed her team’s victory to saving her teammates, started to have doubts on how to proceed until Saori encouraged her to save them. Touched by her friends understanding, Miho get off the tank and went in person to Rabbit Team and help them by tying their tank to the others and lift it away from the river and moving on.

The team eventually arrived in an uninhabited town where they encountered a lonely Kuromorimine’s Panzer III who run away from Ooarai. The latter pursued the German tank, but it was a bait that lead Miho and the girls to face Kuromorimine’s crown jewel, the huge Maus. The massive tank putted Miho’s team in a though situation, losing right away Mallard and Hippo Team and forcing the rest of Ooarai to fall back. Miho’s friends in the Anglerfish Team commented the toughness of the Maus, whose armour was too thick and with Saori stating that its size “give them a mountain to climb”; Saori’s last statement give Miho a bold plan on how to face the Maus.

Anglerfish vs Maus

Miho's tank ready to fire at the Maus.

Ooarai face down the super-heavy tank on a large road running alongside a cliff and rushed into close range. Turtle Team lead the charge and rammed the Maus head on, with the wedge-like shape of their Hetzer lifting the front end of the Maus off the ground, preventing it from manoeuvring. Rabbit Team and Leopon Team attacked the Maus from the side, baiting it into aiming at them. Taking advantage of the turret aiming on the side, Duck Team used the Turtle Team’s Hetzer as a jump ramp, driving on top of the engine deck of the Maus, and positioning their tank to jam its turret in position. Anglerfish Team ascended the embankment on the side of the road, firing the gun down into the engine vents of the Maus, a weak spot, managing to knock it out of the match. The plan worked brilliantly, however, the Turtle Team’s Hetzer took too many damages from the heavy weight of the Maus, being knocked out as well; Miho promised the Student Council to win this match before leaving them.

Despite having disabled the Maus, Ooarai was still in precarious situation, having only four tanks remaining to face off fourteen of Kuromorimine. Miho recognises that each team only has one flag tank, and sets up a plan to split Kuromorimine forces so that she can engage the enemy flag tank in a one-on-one duel, while the rest of her team will do whatever they can to disperse the adversary’s tanks to make it happened. The strategy eventually worked out in Ooarai’s favour, as they managed to lure Kuromorimine’s flag tank, a Tiger I commanded by Maho Nishizumi, into building complex along with Miho’s tank. To make sure the rest of Kuromorimine team will not interfere, Leopon Team putted his Porsche Tiger at the only entrance to said building complex. Alone in the


Miho during the one-on-one against her sister Maho.

closed building complex, there is no further ground for Miho’s Panzer IV to retreat. In a brief lull before the final battle, Maho Nishizumi chastises her sister for disregarding the Nishizumi Style and fleeing from the enemy. Knowing that this is their only chance to take out the Tiger I, Miho agrees to settle the match here and throws her tank into combat. The resulting high-speed battle is fierce and vicious. Both tanks jockey through the complex to try and outmanoeuvre, out-position and outgun the other. Grazing hits from the Tiger I's high explosive blow the Schürzen spaced armour off parts of the Panzer IV, whilst the Panzer IV dodges an equal number of shells through evasive action.

Upon learning that Leopon Team has been knocked out and that Kuromorimine reinforcements are imminent, Anglerfish Team commits to an all-or-nothing manoeuvre in order to decide the match. Dodging a shot from the Tiger, Miho told Mako to use the gap in the reload to close at point blank range with a high-speed drift, an action that causes the Panzer IV's tracks to snap, but allows it to circle around to the rear plate of the enemy tank. The Tiger’s turret, however, managed to rotate fast enough to point the gun at Miho’s Panzer IV and both tanks fired a shell against each other, generating a smoke that clouded for a few moments of suspense what happened. When the smoke dissipated, it was revealed that the Tiger’s shell sideswiped the Panzer IV, while the latter managed to hit the Tiger into the engine compartment, knocking out and declaring Ooarai team the victors of the match and, being the finals, winners of the National Tournament.


Miho's team, champions of the Tournament.

When Miho rejoined the other Ooarai girls, along with her friends and the wreckage of the Panzer IV, she was welcomed celebrated by all, including the Student Council who thanked Miho for saving the school, with Momo shed tears of joy and Anzu hugging Miho. Before leaving, Miho went to Maho who congratulated her little sister for the victory and admitting the defeat. The two sisters left each other with a handshake as a gesture or reconciliation and Miho telling her sister she has finally found her Sensha-do. Later that day, Miho was standing on a podium, along with all her teammates, in front of a huge crowd while holding a commemorative flag.

After their victory, Miho and the others returned to Ooarai where they paraded with their tanks all trough the town's streets back to their beloved school ship, with the Ooarai citizens cheering the girls for their achievment.

The final battle for Ooarai

Friendly match in Ooarai

Panzer IV ausf. H

Miho and her friends during the friendly match at Ooarai.

After their victory in the National Tournament, Miho and her team took part into an exhibition match hosted into Ooarai town, where they team up with Chi-Ha Tan Academy against St. Gloriana and Pravda. During the match Miho’s squad managed to isolate and encircle inside a golf field Darjeeling’s Churchill – which was the flag tank – alongside three Matilda. Taking advantage of the fact they still have some time before the rest of the adversary’s squad will arrive, Miho ordered all tanks to move cautiously closer to St. Gloriana’s tanks so that they can fire better aimed shots. Miho’s squad managed to take down two Matilda, one shot by Hana and the other by one of Chi-Ha Tan’s tanks, however, things started to go wrong when Chi-Ha Tan, galvanized by their first score against St. Gloriana in a long time, decided to abandon their safe firing positions and charged recklessly against the adversaries. Darjeeling took advantage of this and managed to take down all Chi-Ha Tan tanks but two commanded by their leader Kinuyo Nishi and Fukuda. Shortly after Pravda team came to the rescue of Darjeeling, alongside a platoon of Crusaders commanded by Rosehip. Being attacked by multiple sides and risking being encircled, Miho’s ordered all the remaining tanks to retreat to the urban area of Ooarai.

Miho Darjeeling Katyusha DerFilm 01

Miho against Darjeeling and Katyusha.

The St. Gloriana-Pravda team chased them, and a series of small fierce fights took place inside the town, resulting in losses from both sides. Ultimately Miho, along what was left of the Ooarai-Chi-Ha Tan team, managed to chase along the beaches of Ooarai Darjeeling’s flag tank, escorted by Katyusha and Nonna. The battle reached a crucial moment when Miho’s Panzer IV and Darjeeling’s Churchill had to climb a pair of stairs and, whoever arrived at the top first, would have an advantageous shot against the other. The Panzer IV resulted to be faster than the Churchill in this, however, Miho’s tank fired the shot without realizing the tank she hit wasn’t Darjeeling’s but the T-34 of Katyusha whom offer themselves as a sacrificial bait so that Darjeeling could fire at Miho’s flag tank and knock it out before the latter could fire a second shell in time, thus declaring the St. Gloriana-Pravda team winner of the exhibition match.

The school is close

On the same day after the friendly match, all four teams shared a relaxing time at the hot bath in Ooarai, including the Student Council President Anzu who recieved an intercom call where she was invited to attend at the school, making everyone wonder, including Anzu, what was it about. At sunset Miho and her friends were on their way to get back to their school ship and, along the road, they noticed many trucks and others veichles packing, wondering what was going on. Their answer came as soon as they arrived at the school's entrance alongside the rest of the sensha-do club, closed and sealed with restriction warnings on it. President Anzu arrived shortly after along with Renta Tsuji, a functionary of the MEXT (Japan Ministry of Education), telling the girls the ministry didn't changed their mind about keeping the school open. The students initially protested, having believed the school would reamined open after their victory in the Tournamnet, but Anzu told them to accept the situation and if they rebelled there will be retaliations on the people working on the ship by being fired instead of reassigned. Miho asked what it will be of their tanks and Anzu told her the MEXT will take them.

Miho sad DerFilm

Miho watching Ooarai's school ship leaving the port.

On that night, Miho packed all of her stuff in the apartment and, after finishing it, went to the sensha-do compound where all the other members were already there and joined them in giving their farewell to their tanks. Suddenly, Miho noticed a massive C5-M Super Galaxy aircraft with the Saunders insigna on it approaching and landing on Ooarai's ship. The Student Council tolde the girls they asked Saunders to help them by taking into safety for some time their tanks, even prepared some papers where they stated the tanks got "missed". Miho and the other girls helped Kay, Naomi and Alisa loading the tanks on the aircraft before watching them taking off. The next morning Ooarai team was at the town's docks with their baggage, giving a final salute to their school ship sailing away.

A new accomodation

After the departure of the school ship, the Ooarai students were transported by busses in various locations of the town as a temporary accomodation, including Miho and the other sensha-do members who ended up in an old complex on Ooarai's hills. The girls began to settle in the new place, of course being unhappy for all the recent events, with Miho and her friends camping in the vegetation sorrounding the complex and commenting on how they miss the sound of the sea and its smell of salt water. The girl's morale recieved a little boost when the Super Galaxy aircraft of Saunders returned and paradropped all of their tanks, leaving Ooarai with the promise the latter will continue practice sensha-do so that Saunders will have a rematch against them.

Miho Alice BokoShop

Miho meets a young girl at the Boko Souvenir's Shop.

One day, while driving with their Panzer IV towards a minimarket, Miho and her friends took a deviation for the Boko Museum after Miho saw a billboard of it along the road. The Boko Musuem was in a clear state of neglect, but Miho was happy and thrilled about the idea of visiting it along with her friends. The girls visited various attractions inside the complex, including a few rides and a stage show. There were no other visitors aside from Miho, her friends and a young girl who also assisted at the stage show and, later on in the souvenir shop, took an intrest in a last remaining soft toy of Boko but hold herslef when also Miho wanted it. Seeing the girl's shyness, Miho kindly offer the toy to the girl, telling her she will get another one next time; the young girl leaved without saying a word.

Covering for Miho

Maho covers Miho's return at home to their mother.

Eventaully Miho went back to her family's mansion, where she is welcomed by Maho whom, by the time of the tournament's finals, has resumed their relation as sisters. Their mother, on the other hand, was unaware of Miho'r return and when she heard Maho and someone else from her studio Maho told her it was a schoolmate. Maho even falsified Shino's signature on a transfer document for Miho before accompany her back to the station with a Panzer II, making Miho remind of when they were younger and drived said tank all over the countryside around their home, spending funny and enjoyable moments as sisters.

A new hope

When Miho rejoined her classmates back into the structure where they have been transferred, the Student Council asked via intercom all the sensha-do members to attend at a meeting in one of the chambers. There Anzu, who in meantime was off-town trying to take back their school, told everyone that she managed to convince the MEXT and the Sensha-do Federation to organize another match against the University Team and, in case of victory, keep their dear school ship. As a guarantee of this deal, Anzu showed the girls the papers signed by all the parties involved.


Miho and the other Team's commanders debriefing.

During a meeting of all the Ooarai tank commanders, the girls discovered the extense of the difficult challenge they have ahead, as the Unviersity Team managed to defeat in a match the Adult Team. Miho also find out that Alice Shimada, their commander, was the same girl she met at the Boko Museum. As things couldn't get worse than they are already, upon arriving at the location where the match will be held Renta Tsuji, accompained by the director of the Sensha-do Federation Shichiro Kodama, told the Ooarai girls it will be an elimnation battle, making their fight almost impossible to win as they must eliminate all of the thirty tanks with just the eight they have. The night before the match, Miho was analyzing the battlefield with a map when she was joined by Anzu who apologized to Miho for putting a lot of pressure on her.

The day of the match, Miho approached Alice and the referees for the salutations, being very nervous about the odds against her team, even thinking that this time they might not win. It was at that moment that the miracle came in the form of Maho, arriving on the battlefield with her Tiger I and accompained by Eirka in her King Tiger and a couple of Panthers. Maho and Erika were both wearing the Ooarai school uniforms and showed the referees papers certifying they have transferred to Ooarai. Shortly after Kuromorimine many others from different schools show up in the same way. Saunders with three Shermans, each commanded by Kay, Naomi and Alisa. St. Gloriana with a Darjeeling's Churchill, Rosehip's Crusader and a Matilda. Katyusha in her T 34-85 along with Nonna's IS-2, Klara with another T 34-85 and a KV-2. Anchovy, Carpaccio and Pepperoni all in a CV-33. From Jatkosota High School arrived Mika, Aki and Mikko inside a BT-42. Finally Chi-Ha Tan twentytwo tanks commanded by Nishi, who were reduced to six after Darjeeling pointed out that they are supposed to be thirty overall. Despite Renta protests for bringing new tank just before the start of the match, the head-judge Ami Chōno pointed out that only the commander of the opposing team can advance a complaint; Alice however didn't had any problems and allowed the new arrivals to join Ooarai team.

Ooarai Compound briefing

Miho and the other school's commanders talking about their strategy.

In a command tent, Miho, the overall commander of the new Ooarai Compund, had a strategy meeting with the other schools' commanders and the tanks were reorganized into three companies of ten tanks each. Team Sunflower, commanded by Maho holding the center of the formation, Team Dandelion commanded by Miho herself on the right flank and Team Morning Glory commanded by Kay holding the left flank. Miho's plan was fairly simple, with each team advancing forward and supporting each other's flanks.

The match begins

At the start of the match the three teams advanced in formation as planned, until Sunflower arrived at the bottom of a massive hill. Miho told them to reach the top in order to provide a better support for the other two teams at the sides, atlough she reccomended to be cautious as it might be a trap. Shortly after, Morning Glory reported they have been engaged by the enemy, who managed to breakthrough and move over at Ooarai's back instead of keep on with the engage, taking down a couple of Chi-Ha Tan tanks in the process. Sunflower eventually managed to reach the top of the hill, but before they could provide any fire support a massive explosion striked the hill, stunning everyone of the Ooarai Compound, including Miho. The shell arrived from above like some kind of artyllery fire and Saori suggested that it was the doing of a Brummbär, a German heavy assault gun, but Yukari disagreed as the explosion was much bigger and noisy and suspected it was a Sturmtiger. Immediately after, a second shell striked the hill, this time taking down the two Panthers of Kuromorimine. In order to avoid a third shell, Maho ordered Sunflower to get away from the hill, however the University managed to block their way both from the front and the rear thanks to the breakthrough against Morning Glory earlier. Despite this, Maho's team had little choice but to rush down the hill to reunite with Miho's Dandelion Team in order to avoid complete encirclement and keep getting hit by the bombardment. They managed to escape but they lost all of Pravda's tanks with the exception of Katyusha's T 34-85 during the retreat, even though Nonna took down two Pershings before being eliminated from the match.

Anglerfish Team Der Film battle

Miho and her friends guessing what weapon attacked Sunflower Team.

The University Team's tanks stopped their pursue against Sunflower and Hana suggested to regroup with them. Miho however stated that first they must deal with the misteryous artillery who keeps firing at them. For that reason she dispatched Turtle Team, Duck Team, Anchovy's CV.33 and Mika's BT-42 into a reconnaissance mission behind the enemy's lines. The four-tanks pack find out it was a Karl-Gerät 040 and, thanks to the remarcable abilities of Mika and her crew and inspite of the three Pershings guarding it, the squad managed to disabled the self-propelled artyllery gun along with said Pershings, evend though they lost the BT-42.

The theme park

With a score set on 22 against 24 in favour of the University Team, Miho decided to relocate the entire Ooarai Compound into a huge abandoned theme park, hoping to defeat their adversary in close-quarter combats with each team using their unique skills to do their best. The compound divided into three groups, each guarding the three entrance to the park, plus a fourth one in reserve. Anchovy, who climbed with her tankette the top of a rollercoaster to have an all-around visual of the situation, spotted a huge dust bank generated by a column of enemy tanks moving towards the south gate and engaged the team guarding it in a long-distance shooting; Miho responded by sending some of the tanks in reserve to reinforce the south gate. Soon after, Anchovy noticed the dust created by the University Team wasn't decreasing, in spite the fact they halted their advance and thus she concluded that it wasn't dust but a smoke screen to cover their numbers and made Ooarai believe they were much more than they really were. Miho sent Saunders and a few of Ooarai's teams to reinforce the east gate guaded by St. Gloriana, as the main force of University was trying to breach that way using a T28 Super-Heavy Tank to make their way, eventually succeding.

The battle started to move inside the theme park and eventually the University managed to lure most of Ooarai Compound into an encirclment, with no way out of it. Miho, along with Maho, Erika and Katyusha who were guarding the south gate and were not caught into the encirclment, tried to rescue them but with no success. It was at that point that Rabbit Team, who was left behind, managed to break the encirclement by shooting at the pillars of a giant ferris wheel which started to roll down straight towards the University Team's tanks who panicked and left an opening for the encircled tanks of Ooarai to escape.

A series of separate fights started, with Miho teaming up with Turtle Team and fight some of the University tanks into a hedge maze and beating them also thanks to Anchovy who had a clear sight of their movements. The rest of the Compound was beating the University Team as well and it seemed the match was starting to turn into their favor. However, the tide was turning once more against Ooarai when Alice, whom until that point was giving orders far away from the fights, decided to intervene in person with her Centurion. Along with her vices Azumi, Megumi and Rumi, Alice managed to defeat nearly all of Ooarai tanks until only Miho and Maho were left to face her along with Azumi and Megumi.

Final showdown


Miho and Maho during the fight against Alice.

The last five tanks of the match clashed within the central plaza of the theme park. Alice dominated the centre, whilst her two vices covered the flank in pursuit of the Nishizumi sisters. Eventually Azumi and Megumi were both taken out by Miho ad Maho respectively, leaving only Alice to be faced. The three girls started an intense fight and Alice proved to be a formidable adversary, in spite of being in numerical inferiority. At a certain point of the combat Alice even had a chance to put a shot at the back of Miho's tank, but fortune smiled upon the latter when a Boko-themed toy ride, which was accidentally set in motion during the confusion of the fight earlier, moved between the two tanks and making Alice esitate for a brief moment, enough for Miho to avoid the shot.

Regrouping with Maho atop of a mock up mountain, Miho drived straight down the staircase towards Alice, with Maho right behind her. During the charge, Miho looked behind toward her sister and, when she gave her a nod, Maho fired a blank shell directly at Miho's Panzer, which gave it a sudden and powerful thrust to fill quickly the gap between them and Alice, whom was caught off-guard by that move. The Panzer IV rammed right into Alice's Centurion and planted a shot at point-blank range, managing to knock it out right before the Panzer IV's white flag also pupped up due to the serious damages on its tracks.


Miho recieves the "Boko Medal" from Alice.

A few seconds of suspence passed while the judges were doing the final count of the tanks disabled on the field before Ami Chōno declared the Ooarai Compound as winner of the match. Miho's Panzer was tracked back to the other girls by Maho and, the moment she get down from the tank, she was hugged by an enthusiastic Anzu while the rest of the Ooarai girls as well as the teams from the other schools congrutalted Miho for the victory. Shortly after, Alice showed up riding the Boko-themed toy ride and approached Miho to whom she gave the Boko soft toy she recieved from Miho back into the Boko Museum, telling Miho she was a medal for her victory.

Miho and Maho saluted each other holding their hands as sisters, before Miho departed with a ferry alongside her friends and the rest of the team. The following morning, Miho and all of Ooarai girls were on the upper deck of the ferry, which was getting closer to the town of Ooarai. It was at that moment the girls spotted in the distance their precious school carrier returned home, making Miho smiling in happiness.

Alice visits Ooarai

Some time after the match against the University team, Miho was informed by the Student Council that Alice contacted them expressing her desire to join their school. Being a child prodigy who has skipped grades up to university, Alice never had the chance to attend a high school and the recent events with Miho and the other Ooarai girls made her wanted to experience the life of a high school student. All the Student Council members were more than happy about the news, Momo in particular recommended Miho to convice Alice join their school and showing its strong points.

All the girls of the Sensha-do club were thrilled about the news, including Miho of course who expressed to her friends her desire to spend her time with Alice thanks to their common interest in Boko. Later on, Momo gathered the club asking about their ideas to influence Alice's decision, with not much results. Momo than asked Miho what she thought and the latter answered that they should act normally, showing Alice how it is their daily at school.

Alice seasickness cured

Miho watch as Anzu cure Alice's seasickness.

Miho attended along with the Student Council at the arrival of Alice, however, the girl arrived onboard laid on a stretcher for she suffered seasickness. Anzu managed to cure her with the "Ooarai method" by putting a slice of potato on her forehead, making Alice feel so weird that she forgot about her sickness. Miho and Student Council accompained Alice at the school's entrance where Anchovy, Carpaccio and Pepperoni had mounted a mobile kiosk with the sneaky intent of "corrumping" Alice into joining Anzio by offering her dishes such as tomato sauce, anchovy, cheese and so on. The Anzio's trio however gave up on their plan as soon as Alice felt sick again and stated that she disliked all those dishes.

Anglerfish Alice ice-cream

Miho and her friends spending some time with Alice.

Miho accompained Alice visiting the school, after she changed into the Ooarai's uniform, showing her the various school's activities, including tea ceremony and mystic dojo. Alice expressed her interest into such activities, Momo however encouraged Alice to choose Sensha-do and meet the members of the club. Miho presented Alice to each individual sensha-do team who get along well with her. After the school, Miho and her friends spent the rest of afternoon with Alice, eating ice-cream and buying the ingredients needed for the dinner they shared later into Miho's apartment, having fun all together for the entire time.

After the dinner, Miho's friends leaved her and Alice who she will stay at her apartament for the night. Miho gave to Alice a Boko-themed pajama, commenting on how cute she looked. They spent a little more time together watching one Miho's DVD of the adventures of Boko before going to bed. Before sleeping Alice asked Miho what was the most happy part of her life as high school student, to which Miho replied it was spending a lot of time with her friends.

Miho Alice Boko TV

Miho and Alice watching Boko on TV.

The next day Miho was present when Alice decided to officialize her transfer to Ooarai, making both the Student Council and Miho happy. However, events took a sudden turn when Miho told Alice they will be companions fighting alongside, making Alice realize that if they will fight together that means they will be no longer adversaries. Later, Miho and the Stundent Council watched from their school carrier the ship with Alice onboard going away. Momo was still shocked about the fact that Alice decided to go at another high school, while Anzu commented that Alice wanted to be Miho's eternal rival.

Das Finale

Momo is in trouble!?

Kawashima's news panic

Miho trying to calm down the students after Momo's news.

Towards the end of the year, Miho went on with her daily school's life when she recieved, along with the rest of the ship, news on the school's journal that Momo might repeat the year. The news was so big that the entire school wasn't talking of anything else and the Sensha-do club went into the Student Council office worried about Momo. Miho calmed the girls with the help of her friends and ask them to leave the office with the promise of having answers of what was going soon. Momo told Miho and the girls that she failed in all the exams for entering into an university and the news about her repeating the year was false. Miho and her friends learned that Momo neglected her studies in recent times because she spended it in finding new tanks for the Sensha-do club to make sure it will remain strong as a guarantee for the school to remain open when she will graduate and leave a the end of the school's year. During the conversation it was also revealed that Hana, Yukari and Saori replaced Anzu, Yuzu and Momo as the new Student Council and also that the Japanese Sensha-do Federation resumed after twenty years the Winter Continuous Track Cup.

Back to the Sensha-do training camp, the rest of the girls were informed about the situation and, believing they must do something to repay Momo's efforts, they come up with the idea of admit her into Anzu and Yuzu's university trough an AO exam (an exam were a student particullary talented in some field may be admitted) by making her the new commander of the Sensha-do for the upcoming Winter Cup, or at least a commander in name only while Miho would continue to lead the team behind the scenes as Momo's vice.


Miho and her friends making their way trough the rouge students.

Momo, feeling guilty for all their efforts, wished to help them in finding the tank but Saori and Hana told her that she should focus on her studies for the exam instead while they will find the tank. Momo told the girls that it was detected deep below into the carrier, so the girls were accompanied by Sodoko which is apparantely familiar with those areas. Reached the inferior levels, Miho and the others discovered to be a lawless zone full of rogue students. Two of these blocked the way to the girls and kidnapped Sodoko after she tried to face them, forcing Miho and the girls to chase them up until they arrived at the entrance to a bar called "Bar Donzoko".

Meeting the Bar Donzoko's gang

Inside it the girls met a gang of students who forced Sodoko into cleaning the toilet. The girls demanded Sodoko to be released and informations about the tank they are looking for, but the student's gang forced them into a series of challenges to earn their requests. However, Anglerfish Team managed to win each time, with Yukari beating Flint into untie an Anchor Bend knot, Saori being able to translate Rum's signal flags and Mako beating Cutlass into a thumb wrestling match. The fourth member Murakami, tired of how things turned on, challenged Miho into a brawl however, despite her unwillingness to fight, Miho managed to dodge all of Murakami's attacks and inadvertently knocks her out. The fifht and final member of the gang, Ogin, who was up until that moment silently drinking in a corner, challenged the girls into a drinking contest with a higly spicy non-alcoholic peppe rum. Hana accepted the challenge and managed to endure more than her opponent who fainted and clashed on the ground.

Donzoko brawl

Miho "fighting" against Murakami.

The student's gang, admitting their defeat, released Sodoko but didn't want to help the girls into finding the tank. They quickly changed their mind as soon as they find out about Momo's situation, feeling obliged to help her after Momo save them from explusion in the past. After hearing about the description of a tank by Yukari, they revealed that the aforementioned tank has been used as a meat smoking machine in their bar without realising it was a tank. Ogin then offers herself and the gang to drive the tank so that they can repay their debt to Momo.

The Winter Cup begins

At the selections for the Winter Cup's matches, Ooarai ended up fighting in their first round BC Freedom High School who appeared to be a school divided into two factions who are always fighting each other, something that Yukari confirmed even further later on when she went on their school carrier under cover. Back to the school Momo insisted on helping the team in their preparations for the match, but once more Miho and the other girls told her to focus on her studies.

Ooarai BC match start

Vice-commander Miho and commander Momo greets BC students before the match.

The day of the match Miho and the other girls noticed that BC team hasn't arrived yet on the battlefield, making them wonder if they will win the match by default. Duck Team also asked about the ninth tank Miho and the other girls find out, being also late and didn't show up during the training excercices the previous days. It was at that moment that Miho spotted the ninth tank arriving from the other side of a hill, a British World War One-era Mark IV, commanded by the gang of students they met at the bar, from now on called the Shark Team. Shortly after the BC team arrived in time on the field and, after the presentations, the match begin.

At the start of the match Momo followed Miho's suggestion to dispatch some of the their tanks to find out the adversary's whereabouts, sending Duck Team and Leopon, who eventually spotted four SOMUA S35 and four ARL 44 respectively running towards Ooarai's sides. Yukari suggested that the two rival groups inside BC Freedom, Escalator and Examination, were fighting for glory by rushing to Ooarai's flag tank first. Miho and Momo agreed to go after BC's flag tank now that is defended by just one tank, assuming it was probably on a high ground on the other side of a river, which can be crossed quickly only trough a wooden bridge. In the meantime Duck and Leopon kept following the two groups of BC tanks but they eventaully got spotted and forced to engage them in a stalemate.

Ooarai BC ambush bridge

Miho and her team being ambushed while crossing the bridge.

Ooarai's main group in the meantime found the enemy's flag tank, an FT-17, on the other side of the river and escorted by just one ARL 44, as predicted. Feeling comfortable with the odds, they started to slowly cross the bridge to get on the other side, with Miho at the head of the group. It was at this point that things started to turn for the worst, for as soon as all of Ooarai's tanks where on the bridge, from the two sides of the river's shores six of the eight BC tanks which were supposedly fighting Duck and Leopon Team showed up and opened fire. The fire volume was intense, enough to destroy the two ends of the bridge, cutting off any escape for Ooarai. In that critical moment, Miho asked Yukari how long was Shark Team's Mark IV and realized it was long enough to slide down to the riverbank and act as a ramp betwenn the bridge and said riverbank so that the rest of the team can escape from that trap. The plan worked and BC tanks retreated when Duck and Leopon Team, called back by Miho shortly before, arrived from their back. Both squads disengaged from the fight and reorganize themselves.

OoaraivsBC end

Miho and her team about to fire at BC's flag tank.

After regrouping, Miho and the others discussed about what it will be their next strategy, while observing from afar the BC team taking a defensive position into a bocage. Yukari suggested to Miho that, even though their adversaries pretended to be in discord, there was antagonism until recent times, something that could be exploited to Ooarai's advantage. Saori also pointed out the remarcable resemblence of the turrets of Mallard Team's Char B1 and the BC's SOMUA. Thanks to those suggestions from her two friends, Miho planned to use their Char B1 as a decieving tactic so that the two groups of BC started to fight among each other, knocking out a few of their own tanks before realizing it was all a trick of Ooarai. With the BC forces depleted, Ooarai press on with their final attack and, despite losing some of their own at the hands of their valiant adversaries, managed to eliminate all of BC tanks and winning the match when Miho, along with Leopon Team, fired the final shot against Marie's flag tank. After the match Miho was invited along with all her squad to a banquet prepared by Marie and her subordinates, where they ate sweets and where Miho and Marie thank each other for the fun match.

Waiting for the second round

Miho Alice Boko Museum

Miho passing some time with her rival-friend Alice.

While her friends were on their own in Ooarai town before returning onboard of the school carrier, Miho went to an appointment with her friend-rival Alice at the Boko Museum, which has been restored. The two girls had fun together by going on a few of the museum's attractions, including a VR where they look into Boko's eyes as he face his enemies, or at least tries to do, and one of Boko-themed rides as well. At the end of the evening Miho and Alice enjoyed a dinner in the musuem's courtyard, talking about how fun the various attractions were and the ones they want to try in the future. Miho than asked Alice if she has already choose a high school to attend ot, with Alice answering she hasn't yet, also saying when she does she want a re-match with Miho.

Some time later Miho was summoned by Anzu in the Student Council's office alongside her friends, Momo and Yuzu. Anzu informed the girls that Chi-Ha-Tan Academy will be their next opponent in the second round, as the latter have defeated Koala Forest High School. Momo claimed victory is already in their pocket, as Chi-Ha-Tan's team is well known for its suicidal charges that always results in a crushing failure. Miho, however, advised caution and not fall into overconfidence as they did against BC Freedom; Momo agreed with Miho and apologized.

The next is Chi-Ha-Tan

Ooarai Chi-Ha-Tan Das Finale 2

Miho met Nishi before their match.

The day of the second round, Miho met Chi-Ha-Tan's commander Nishi before the start of the match. The two girls exchanged congratualtions and thanks for their last collaboration against the University Team, with Nishi thanking Miho as she and her Chi-Ha-Tan team learned valuable lessons from that experience. She also confessed to Miho that she doesn't think they will win the upcoming match against the current champions, but Miho encouraged to do her best, pointing out that also Ooarai wasn't that strong at the beginning. After the usual formalities the two team's delegations get back to their tanks and the match began.

Commander Momo suggested to take a defensive position on a high hill against Chi-Ha-Tan's charges, with Miho agreeing while the team made their way trough the depp jungle envoironment that covered nearly the entirity of the battlefield. The task proved to be difficult, however, as Chi-Ha-Tan harassed Ooarai with guerrilas tactics, attacking quickly at their flanks and pulling back. The tactic adopted by Chi-Ha-Tan surprised Ooarai, a tactic that gave results to their adversaries as they managed to take out almost immediatly Shark Team. Chi-Ha-Tan continued with their strategy up until sunset, making Ooarai nervous and forcing Miho and Momo change their initial plan and moving the team towards the shores of a lake so that Chi-Ha-Tan will be forced to face them into a more open ground. During the voyage to reach the lake, Ooarai had to pass trough a muddy, deep trench that stucked Mallard Team. Thank to the help of Leopon Team and a little push of Anglerfish Team, they managed to get out Mallard Team from that situation and get on with their relocation.

Anglerfish Chi-Ha-Tan Das Finale 2

Anglerfish Team at the lake.

At the end Ooarai managed to reach the lake, however, Chi-Ha-Tan had forseen this move, as a pair of amphibious tanks Type 2 Ka-Mi ambushed Ooarai from the lake, forcing them to split their fire on two fronts, as the main force of Chi-Ha-Tan resumed their attack. The situation for Miho's team was getting more difficult as they lost Mallard Team and Leopon Team during the fight, managing only to knock out one of Chi-Ha-Tan's tanks in return. Feeling satisfied with the results, Chi-Ha-Tan retreated again into the jungle, only this team Ooarai follow them in pursuit. Chi-Ha-Tan than decided to turn back and face straight on Ooarai, however, before they could fire their guns, Miho ordered her team to spread out and run away from Chi-Ha-Tan.

Ooarai Chi-Ha Tan battle 01

Ooarai trap Chi-Ha-Tan.

The latter pursued them, feeling in a position of strenght, but it was all a strategy of Miho to lure Chi-Ha-Tan into the muddy trench where Mallard Team had been stucked in earlier. The plan worked brillantly, as the entirety of Chi-Ha-Tan team fell into the trench and Ooarai started to fire at them from the edges above. It was at this moment, when victory for Ooarai seemed certain, that Chi-Ha-Tan for the first time decided to retreat from their opponents by escaping from a slope that lead out of the trench before Ooarai could completely surround them.


  • Miho's surname Nishizumi means "west" (西) (nishi) and "housing, living, dwelling" (住) (zumi).
    • Nishizumi is likely a reference to real life ace tanker 1st Lt. Kojiro Nishizumi, who served in the Sino-Japanese War in command of a Type 89 I-Go.


  • Miho's favorite tank is the German Panzer II Ausf.E/F. However, the tank which she is most commonly seen using (both in the main series and in the Little Army prequel) is the German Panzer IV Ausf.D that would later be modified to an Ausf.F2 then to an Ausf.H.
  • Miho's Tiger I in the flashback was numbered 217, the same number on the tank of the real-life tank commander Otto Carius. For certain reasons, KMM didn't field this Tiger after Miho leaved the team in the anime or manga nor change the number to 212. This might mean that Kuromorimine had more than one Tiger I tanks in its disposal.
  • Miho's birthday is the October 23rd, the same date in 1942 as the start of Operation Lightfoot, better known as the Second Battle of El Alamein. Ironically Miho as the younger sister represents the Second Battle of El-Alamein while Maho as the elder represent the First Battle.
  • In the anime, Miho proved that she didn't knew about the Maus tank that her former school fielded, despite being the former vice-commander, indicating that Kuromorimine likely obtained that tank after she left. This might be a reference to the fact that the Allies didn't knew about the Maus nor the Soviet discovery of that particular tank. However it seems that Katyusha knows about the Maus. This is the reference to the Soviet discovery of the original Maus hulls and turret on Kummersdorf Testing Facilities where the Maus was trialed.
  • Miho directly became the vice commander of the Kuromorimine school on her first day of High School.
  • Despite having an extensive knowledge and know-how about tanks, Miho considers herself as a bad tank driver, as she mentioned in Episode 3 and Little Army.
  • According to Erika, Miho's favourite food is Macarons.
  • There is a Panzerfaust in Miho's room at Kumamoto.
  • Before finally choosing Sensha-dō, Miho selected "Incense Ceremony" as her elective.
  • Her size measurements are: B82 W56 H84, a near-perfect Hourglass figure.
  • Despite leading her team to victory both in the anime and film, and her ability to instruct and direct her team with incredible skill, Miho still can't overcome her inability to speak in front of larger crowds.
  • Katyusha calls her Mihosha.
  • In Phase: Erika, due to intense nature of Nishizumi Style training and lifestyle, Miho and Maho could sense the presence of any tank or incoming shells without needing to see them. This skill allowed them to dodge incoming shells easily (as demonstrated when Miho dodged Firefly's shot without even looking) and found out if enemies trying to sneak on their back (as demonstrated when Maho knows Turtle Team's Hetzer lurking on her back). However, they seem still prone to lie-and-waiting ambush tactic (as when Kuromorimine caught Ooarai by surprise when waiting for them in the forest), as the tanks doesn't make any movement or noise till the very last second.
  • In manga she more self-confident, unlike anime.


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