The battle between Kuromorimine Girls Academy (bracket number 13) and Chi-Ha-Tan Academy (bracket number 14) was a match in the first round of the 63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament. The match grounds comprised of rocky plains and highlands. The match ended in a victory for Kuromorimine Girls Academy.



While a normal team would have been intimidated by the prospect of facing Kuromorimine, this was not the case with Chi-Ha-Tan, who were on the contrary delighted to face such a team of such lite status. Kuromorimine didn't deploy their Jagdtiger on this match to avoid the difficult, expensive maintenance work. Nonetheless, their forces were still superior to Chi-Ha-Tan.

Rush for the High Lands

The match began with both teams heading towards the high ground. Chi-Ha-Tan employed their signature "suicide charge" whilst Kuromorimine advanced steadily while keeping a shielding distance of 1500m. Kuromorimine managed to secure the high ground before Chi-Ha-Tan, giving them the overwhelming advantage offered by the elevated position.


Even though Kuromorimine had already taken up positions on the high ground, Chi-Ha-Tan continued their suicide attack. Kuromorimine calmly waited until Chi-Ha-Tan tanks entered their 1500m firing range and opened fire, knocking them out them one-by-one. Several Kuromorimine vehicles carelessly drifted forwards in an attempt to gain shots on the remaining Chi-Ha-Tan forces, but Maho, realising that tactic could expose their tanks to rear shots, recalled he team back into formation. The Kuromorimine tanks then advanced carefully, using rocks for cover.


Despite the failure of their first attack, Kinuyo ordered a second suicide charge with the aim of breaching their opponent's ranks to create confusion. Well aware that the Chi-Ha cannot pierce the armour of Panthers or Tiger I & II, she instructed her forces to target weak points such as the treads. However Maho quickly realised their intentions and the remaining Chi-Ha-Tan tanks were destroyed as they attempted to climb the hill or approach Kuromorimine's flag tank.


While charging might work on lesser teams, it doesn't work as well against greater schools.


Chi-Ha-Tan's chances were very thin even before the match but once Kuromorimine seized control of the high lands the match's outcome was decided. Chi-Ha-Tan once again used their CHARGE tactic despite the fact that it had brought them nothing but defeat for the last 4 years. Kuromorimine will fight Jatkosota High School during the quarter-finals.


  • The outcome of this battle is seen at the ending of Episode 6, showcasing Maho's tank facing a Chi-Ha graveyard.
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