Kubota (久保田, Kubota) is a secondary character featured in Girls und Panzer das Finale.


She is a member of Chi-Ha-Tan Academy's Sensha-dō club, commanding a Type 97 Chi-Ha.


Kubota is an average sized girl, with long black hair ending in a small ponytail and dark grey eyes. She wear the standard Chi-Ha-Tan uniform of Sensha-dō.


Unlike most of her teammates, Kubota didn't show Chi-Ha-Tan's usual attitude to charge and attack the enemy recklessy. On the contrary, she seem more judicious and cautios as she and Fukuda were the only one in her team to figure out the trap set by Ooarai. She's also intelligent enough to be able to read a map with a compass in the middle of tank match.


Kubota participated with her team in the Winter Continuous Track Cup, where they fought against Ooarai in the second round of the tournament. During the battle her team chased Ooarai into the deep of the jungle, thinking they were retreating. Kubota expressed doubts while looking at a map and realized Ooarai was luring them into a deep and muddy trench to trap them, a theory supported by Fukuda as well. However, they figure it out too late and all of their tanks went down into said trench. Tamada and others tried to desperately climb the trench and face Ooarai tanks who were shooting at them from the top, but the walls were too steep. Commander Nishi than gave the unprecedent order to retreat trough a path that lead out of the trench, claiming they need to change their way of thinking. Kubota, like the rest of the team, managed to escape before Ooarai could complete the encirclement.

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