"You moved magnificently. I would very much like to have a revance with you."
Darjeeling, speaking to Bosporus after the match.

Kebab High School is a minor school in Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior.


Behavior and policy

Students at Kebab are very eccentric, yet humble. They specialize in fine silk clothing and are famous for their coffee business.


The few tanks that have been seen are light and cheap R-35s, most likely due to their focus on luxury over senshado.


Not enough has been seen of Kebab in action to discern any concrete senshado tactics.

School ship

Their school ship's appearance is unknown, assuming that they have a school ship.


Kebab's regular school uniform is unknown. Their senshado uniform consists of a fez, a black sleeveless vest with a white blouse underneath, baggy pants, and pointy shoes. The overall commander's uniform consists of a wide headdress, a scarf, a long sleeveless silk and short boots.


Not much is known about their history, though they may have a history with St. Gloriana Girls' College, possibly as rivals.

Cauldron Tankathlon Tournament

Against Guy Fawkes Team

In the first round, for the ninth and penultimate match of the Cauldron Tankathlon Tournament, Kebab High School fought Guy Fawkes Team (aka Black Tea Mask), commanded by Darjeeling and driven by Assam. Kebab fielded three R35s. Despite being outnumbered three to one, the Harry Hopkins ran circles around Kebab's tanks, destroying all three in rapid succession and defeating Kebab.

Second round

In the second round, they fielded their three R35s again, commanded by Bosporus. They fought as part of Pink Team alongside Guy Fawkes Team, West Kureouji Grona Academy, and Gregor High School. It is unknown how they performed during the match, but two of their R35s were destroyed during Team ONI's assault. It is unknown if Bosporus' tank was destroyed during the last moments of the match, but Kebab withdrew from the Cauldron Tournament after the end of the second round.

Teaming up with Shizuka

Kebab took part alongside Kafka of Gregor High School, Aung-san from Tategoto High School, Semla from Viggen High School, and Shizuka from Tatenashi's Centipede Team in a challenge senshado match against Bonple High School, fielding one R35 commanded by Bosporus.



Kebab High School has only one character of note.


Main article: Bosporus

Kebab High School's overall commander. She commands a Renault R35.

Vehicles Operated



  • Kebab's name comes from the kebab, a cooked meat dish from the Middle East. It is popular around the world, especially in Turkey.
  • Kebab's use of the Renault R35 comes from the fact that hundreds of R35s were exported to Turkey in February and March 1940.
  • Turkish coffee is made using very fine unfiltered coffee. It is customary at traditional Turkish weddings and is used in fortune-telling.
  • Bosporus is named after the Bosporus Strait, located in Istanbul. It separates the Asian and European parts of Turkey.
  • The clothes of their senshado uniform are usually worn by men instead of women.
  • Their uniform takes its inspiration in Turkish/Ottoman folklore:
    • The sleeveless vest is called the yelek.
    • The blouse is called the gomlek.
    • The baggy pants are called the şalvar.
    • The pointy shoes are called mojari.
    • Bosporus' headdress is inspired by Janissaries' börks.
    • Bosporus' dress is called a cafta.
    • Bosporus' boots are called kilim boots.
  • Kebab's possible rivalry with St. Gloriana may be a reference to either the 1807-09 Anglo-Turkish War or the World War I Middle Eastern theater, in which the United Kingdom fought the Ottoman Empire.
    • There is also a possible rivalry between St. Gloriana's tea and Kebab's coffee.



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