Harry Hopkins

"Rosehip ? How does my Harry-kun look ?"
Darjeeling to Rosehip about the Harry Hopkins status

The A25 Light Tank Mark VIII Harry Hopkins (or just Harry Hopkins) was the last addition to the line of British light tank produced by Vickers-Armstrongs during the Interwar, it was also the last British light tank to be designed.



It was intended to be the successor of the previous light tank designed by Vickers-Armstrong, the Mk VII Tetrarch. A number of changes were made to the Mk VIII, most notably increasing its width, length and weight and also increasing the thickness of the armour, they kept the same engine as the Tetrarch making it slower than its predecessor (due to its increased weight) as well as its steering system and gun.

Operational History

However the Harry Hopkins' fate was compromised by mid-1941 when officials in the War Office and the British Army had taken the decision that light tanks were no longer to be used by the British Army due to their inferior weapons and armour, as well as their poor performance during the conflict. It was obsolete even before being commissioned and none of them saw combat, the few that were built were hand over to the RAF for use in airfield defense. An infantry close-support variant with an howitzer called the Alecto were prototyped but were never use in combat. An incongruous idea from the War Office was to attach wings to the tank so that aircraft could tow them as gliders into position to support airborne forces. The project was, of course, abandonned.

In Girls und Panzer

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Ribbon Warrior

First mentionned by Rosehip and Darjeeling being under maintenance. Then it is seen under the watch of Darjeeling and Assam while being repaired.

During the Cauldron tournament in the ninth and penultimate match of the first round against Kebab High School, Guy Fawkes Team fielded their Harry Hopkins commanded by Darjeeling (aka Black Tea Mask) and Assam. During the match it striked down Kebab's three R35s tanks without letting them landing a single hit, much to Bosphorus' astonishment, thus defeating them.

During the Cauldron tournament second round Pink Team fielded one Harry Hopkins (commanded by Darjeeling). It was first seen in the neutral zone with Darjeeling observing her opponents. As Pink Team stood in retreat during the beginning of the match it didn't see any action waiting the sunset, then it finally engage at finally engage Yellow Team Katyusha, Nonna and Klara. After nightfall the Harry Hopkins was detracked and destroyed by Oni Team's Type 94s, after Darjeeling and Assam managed to repair the tank just before dawn, Anchovy destroyed it once again with her CV.33 leaving it destroyed until the end of the match.

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