Gregor High School is a minor school in Girls und Panzer. Mentioned for the first time in supplemental material, it makes its first appearance in the manga Girls und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior.


Behavior & Policy

No mention is made of their school policies or students' behavior.


Their main force is comprised of LT vz. 35 and LT vz. 38 light tanks, with a few Panzer III Model N for additional firepower. A Hetzer modification kit has been fitted to one LT vz. 38, but due to budgetary restrictions only one tank has been modified. They also possess some CKD AH-IV tankettes.


They are not accustomed to being a part of a larger force. They may feel uneasy about advanced tactics due to their inexperience, low number of tanks, and the lack of crews, but they are willing to learn from their allies.


The schoolship's appeareance is unknown.



Their schoolgirl uniform is unknown.


Their Sensha-dō uniform consists of a short, pleated white dress with a high collar, puffed shoulders, and elbow-length sleeves, a striped belt, and a sleeveless black jacket with two appliques of a caterpillar at bottom part.

The overall commander, Kafka, is later shown wearing an updated uniform consisting of a darker skirt, a dark blue uniform vest with an aiguilette, gold-bordered red collar tabs, red-bordered shoulder marks with gold insignia, and the school emblem on the upper sleeve. Beneath her skirt she wears red and orange cavalry riding breeches and black knee-high boots. It is unknown whether this uniform is worn by the entire school or just by Kafka.


Based in the landlocked city of Nara, in its similarly named prefecture, Gregor High School, like many other schools, first began as a result of international cooperation and trade.

In Europe, Japanese pottery, lacquerware, and similar goods were highly sought-after items, so much so that European investors opened a facility in Japan to cope with the demand, utilizing the port of Hannan, Osaka Prefecture, to export the manufactured goods not only to Europe but to domestic locations such as Kyoto and Osaka as well.

However, in Czechoslovakia the Japanese ideals of Bushido also spread along with the Japanese tableware, resulting in an increasing number of people traveling to Japan to learn more about its culture.

Today, Gregor High School enjoys a thriving foreign exchange program with students learning of another’s cultures, with Senshado existing as another way to promote international cooperation.

63ʳᵈ National High School Sensha-dō Tournament

Gregor High School did not participate in the 63rd National High School Sensha-dō Tournament.

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Cauldron Tankathlon Tournament

Against West Kureouji Grona Academy

In the first round for the tenth and final match of the Tankathlon Tournament, Gregor fought West Kureouji Grona Academy. They fielded at least two CKD AH-IV tankettes. They were likely destroyed by Kiri Shiratori's Tetrarchs. Defeated, they then fought the second round under West Kureouji Grona Academy's command.

Second round

In the second round they fielded at least two LT vz.38, commanded by Kafka and Mucha. They fought in Pink Team alongside West Kureouji Grona Academy, Guy Fawkes Team, and Kebab High School. It is unknown how they performed, but Mucha's tank was destroyed during the Team ONI assault, while Kafka later took part in the "Anti-ONI Team," where she was destroyed. After the end of the second round Gregor withdrew from the Cauldron Tournament.

Teaming with Shizuka

Gregor, fielding one LT vz.38 commanded by Kafka, took part in a challenge Sensha-dō match alongside Bosphorus of Kebab High School, Aung-san from Tategoto High School, and Semla from Viggen High School, supporting Tatenashi's Centipede Team against Bonple High School.

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Gregor High School has two known students of note:


Main article: Kafka

She is Gregor High School's overall commander. She commands a LT vz.38.


She is one of Gregor High School's students. She commands a LT vz.38.

Vehicles operated



  • Their logo consists of their name "Gregor" written between a puppet head and the puppeteer control bar, over an irregular pentagon colored blue, white, and red.
    • The name Gregor could be a reference to Czech tank commander Josef Gregor, who was part of the 1st Czechoslovak Tank Brigade in the USSR.
    • The puppet is a reference to the long history of puppetry in the Czech Republic, as can be traced deep into the early part of the Middle Ages.
    • The blue, white, and red shield of their logo, rotated 90° to the left, references the Czech flag.
  • The label on Kafka's LT vz. 38's glacis (front face) reads 毒虫, which means "poisonous insect".
  • Mucha is named after the famous Czech painter Alfons Mucha. Because of this, Mucha's name should be spelled like "Moo-kha."
  • Their uniform takes its inspiration from Czech (in particular, Moravian) folklore:
    • The blouse is called "Rukávce" (spelling: Roo-kaaaaf-tse).
    • The sleeveless black jacket is called "Kordula" and it's mainly worn by women.
    • The caterpillar-like emblem at the bottom of their jacket may be a reference of the first tank-like vehicle made in Czechoslovakia, called Kolohousenka, which means "wheeled caterpillar".
    • The jacket of the new Gregor uniform is heavily inspired by the Prague Castle Guard winter uniform.
  • The fact that Gregor is unused to advanced tactics in a large group may be a reference to the fact that Czechoslovakia had very little experience in armored warfare, due to its early annexation by Germany in 1938-39.



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