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"Vive la... BC!"
―Marie, Oshida & Andou

Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part 2 (ガールズ&パンツァー 最終章 第) is the second part of the six-part theatrical film series.


Ooarai vs. BC - second round

Main article: Ooarai Girls Academy vs. BC Freedom High School

The episode starts from when episode one left, with the BC team marching in formation on the battlefield. Commander Marie, along with her two vices Andou of the Examination faction and Oshida of the Escalator faction, discussing about their strategy and the latter two exchanging compliments and apologizes for the insults they gave to one another in the past. The talk was put to an end when from their right flank Ooarai team started to fire on them, hidden in a forest. BC team, assuming Ooarai was trying to provoke them and lure them into a trap, disengaged and went into a bocage, an area of mixed woodland and pasture.

Meanwhile the Ooarai team regrouped to discuss on how to proceed next and Yukari theorized that, despite the BC team's quarrels they saw so far was just a farce to deceive them, the two groups of students that compose the BC school, Escalator and Examination, still have animosity and they formed a combined team solely for the purpose of beating Ooarai. Saori also pointed out the Char B1 of Mallard Team looked very similar to the SOMUA S35 and, with that in mind, they come up with a plan and proceed to move towards their adversaries.

Bocage Das Finale 02

The bocage where BC decided to make a stand

In the meantime, the BC team placed their tanks in key points of the bocage, ready to receive Ooarai, with Marie even relaxing and enjoying a picnic with her crew. Andou spotted Ooarai team approaching from one of the main roads, expressing surprise for their rushed and lack of thinking move. Leopon Team, along with Rabbit Team and Shark Team, opened fire at BC tanks and the latter did the same to respond. Unknown to BC team, this was just a smoke and mirror tactic of Ooarai in order to let the rest of the team to go around them without getting spotted by shooting at the wall on the side of the road to create a passage and, using the high bushes to stay hidden, find out the exact positions of the enemy tanks and take a guess on where their flag tank might be. At the same time the Mallard Team, taking advantage of the bushes high enough to cover all of their tank but the turret, repainted the latter with the same colours of BC tanks and sneaked behind their lines, starting to shoot at them without knock them out in order to make them think it was one of their own teammates betraying them. The plan worked smoothly as the two factions started to fight each other, completely ignoring Ooarai team and knocking out two SOMUA and two ARL 44 in the process.

An upset Marie

Marie realizing her teammates are fighting among each other

Marie, thinking all that firing sound in the background was her team fighting Ooarai, jumped on her FT-17 as soon as she find out what was really happening and literally put her tank between the two factions – what remained of them – in order to stop the feud.Andou and Oshida continued to insult and blame each other for the "betrayal". Mallard team shot at them once more and for Oshida it was the umpteenth proof of the Examination's stab-in-the-back, until Marie pointed out to Oshida that the two remaining SOMUA were right in front of her and thus that tank was one of Ooarai's. What was left of BC team moved to chase Mallard Team and knock it out shortly after by both Andou and Oshida who then apologized for the misunderstanding.

OoaraivsBC end

Marie's flag tank moments before getting knock out

BC tried to force their way and leave the bocage area to reorganize, however, despite managing to knock out Ooarai's Rabbit Team, Duck Team and Anteater Team, they failed in the attempt losing all of their tanks in the process until Marie's flag tank was the only one left. Outnumbered and outgunned Marie was soon surrounded by Anglerfish Team, Leopon Team and Shark Team, having only the time to eat a forkful of one her sweets in her usual calm and dignified attitude before her tank was knocked out, declaring Ooarai team the winner of the match.


Shortly after the end of the match Andou and Oshida were apologizing to Azumi for losing the match despite the fact BC was among the best four schools when the latter was a student of it. Azumi encouraged the two girls, saying that if they keep working together and trusting in each other they will become many times stronger than they are now. Than Oshida wondered where Marie was, who in the meantime was offering a banquet full of sweets to the Ooarai students, with Miho thanking Marie for the fun match, the latter replying it was as fun as the “beginning of a revolution" and promising next time her school will be “offering a revolution" to Miho.

A break before the next battle

Back to the Ooarai school ship, some of the girls are spending their free time before the departure. Mallard Team checking the students at the dock and wondering if they will come back in time. Anteater Team playing videogames on their portable consoles. Shark Team trying to fish and Rabbit Team pointing out they haven't caught anything yet only to anger Rum, Flint and Murakami who started to scare the Rabbit team in response. Turtle Team are inside a Zaza Coffee, with Anzu eating a sweet while Yuzu is helping Momo in her studies. Hippo Team reading books and magazines in a store. Leopon team checking a car on sale. Anglerfish Team, except for Miho, eating crepes, Mako complaining about the cold, Yukari proposing to eat red-bean soup later and Hana wondering if Miho managed to meet Alice.

Miho Alice Boko Museum

Miho and Alice talking at the Boko Museum

Miho is indeed with Alice, having fun together at the Boko Museum on a simulator machine, a train ride and eating a hamburger shaped like Boko. Miho asks Alice if she have already chosen a school. Alice replied she did not yet, expressing her desire for a re-match with Miho when she does.

Duck Team Fukuda eating

Duck Team sharing food and talking with Fukuda

Meanwhile the Duck Team met Fukuda of the Chi-Ha-Tan Academy in a diner where they are cooking tarashi-yaki. Fukuda congratulates for their victory in the first match and ask if they have any advice for Chi-Ha-Tan Academy's next match aside from charging. The Duck Team stated is a difficult question to answer and that is better to eat while thinking about it, starting to talk about the preparation of the tarashi-yaki in a way that sounds for Fukuda as metaphors on how to do better in Sensha-dō. Fukuda tells them they will face Koala Forest High School in three days, with Duck Team joking on the fact they might have an actual Koala as commander.

Chi-Ha Tan vs. Koala Forest

Image 2020-03-02 00-18-20

Wallaby asking orders from commander Koala

Inside an AC Sentinel vice commander Wallaby listen to Koala's orders and tell the rest of the team that Chi-Ha-Tan Academy are just a bunch of charging idiots and they should just find an advantageous place where they can ambush them. Shortly after one of the Koala students spot six Chi-Ha-Tan tanks charging down a hill in one line. Wallaby give orders to be ready to fire and wait for the adversaries to get closer; however, this is not happening, and Wallaby start to be suspicious.

Momo's family

Saori Momo Momo's family

Saori spending some time with Momo and her siblings

On the Ooarai school ship Saori is accompanying Momo to a copy shop for some work for the student council. Inside the shop they are welcomed by a middle-aged man who tells Momo where to find the stuff they need. Shortly after a woman, apparently in a state of ill health, approaches and welcome the two girls, with Momo addressing her as "mom", followed by five kids of various ages greeting Momo with joy. It is only at that point that Saori realize they are Momo's family and never knew it up until that point. Saori spent some time with Momo and her family, observing how she is caring towards her younger siblings and that her family is not a wealthy one.

Back to the student council office Hana, Mako, Yukari and Saori talk about Momo situation regarding her family and her difficulties to attend a university while doing some paperwork. Shortly after Anzu, who is also in the student council office along with Momo and Yuzu, receive a phone call from someone telling her that Chi-Ha-Tan Academy will be their next opponents, having defeated Koala Forest High School. Anzu tell the news to all the presents plus Miho who has been summoned. Yukari praise the Chi-Ha-Tan girls for managing to pass the first round after a long time of defeats while Momo stated it will be an easy win since all they can do is charge. Miho however suggest not underestimate Chi-Ha-Tan Academy as they did with BC Freedom; Momo agrees with Miho and apologize for her overconfidence. Yukari than ask about the other school in the tournament, wondering how they are doing.

The other school's matches


Maginot tanks knock out by Kuromorimine

Kuromorimine Girls Academy, now commanded by Erika, defeats Maginot Girls' Academy guided by Éclair despite the latter are taking cover behind fortifications. In a snow landscape filled with tree pines, Katyusha give hand signals to her team who than ambush their adversaries, Viking Fisheries High School, knocking them out swiftly, including their flag tank. On a rocky desert terrain, a pair of Pz. II of the Blue Division High School, one of which is the flag tank, run through a few of their tank's teammates knocked out, chased by Saunder's Shermans who managed to disable one. Commander El order her driver, Viridiana, to go full speed ahead in order to get out of range but Naomi, in her Firefly, managed to knock them out firing a sniper shot from afar.

Waffle StGloriana match 01

St. Gloriana defeating Waffle Academy

On a road leading to a bridge, a Crusader of St. Gloriana, possibly Rosehip one, charge at full speed against the tanks of Waffle Academy, but is knocked out shortly before Darjeeling's Churchill disabled Waffle Academy's flag tank; inside the Churchill Darjeeling share a toast of tea for their victory with Orange. On a sand-desert terrain a handful of Yogurt Academy's Pz. 38t charge against Jatkosota High School BT-42 who, in response, charge as well and managed to bypass all their adversaries, getting behind the flag tank and knock it out. In an urban area Bonple's flag tank is overrun by a few of Anzio's CV. 33 tankettes, immobilizing it and give the chance to Anchovy's P40 to knock it out at point-blank-range.

Ooarai vs. Chi-Ha Tan

Main article: Ooarai Girls Academy vs. Chi-Ha-Tan Academy

The match between Ooarai and Chi-Ha Tan is about to begin, with the crowds filling the stands and Miho and Nishi greeting and wishing a good match to each other before starting the battle. The terrain is a dense tropical forest, making the movements hard for Ooarai. Miho agrees with Momo's proposal to going up a hill and taking a defensive position against Chi-Ha Tan's charges, but the latter stop them to do so with bite-and-run tactics, managing to knock out Shark Team in process. Ooarai, surprised by the new enemy strategy and frustrated by it, decided to give up on the hill and take a stand at the shores of a lake.

Ooarai Chi-Ha Tan battle 01

Chi-Ha Tan trapped!

However, Chi-Ha Tan surprise once more Ooarai when a couple of amphibious Type 2 Ka-Mi open fire from the lake at their back, force them to split their fire on two fronts and giving thus the chance to Chi-Ha Tan main force to getting closer and almost knocking out Ooarai flag tank, but without success.Chi-Ha Tan than fall back into the deep jungle, having knocked out Leopon Team and Mallard Team at the price of Hamada's tank. Ooarai then pursued and, after a while, they managed to trick Chi-Ha Tan and made them fall all their tanks into a deep and muddy trench. Ooarai tanks started to fire from above and Chi-Ha Tan girls trying to charge the steep walls out of desperation.

Chi-Ha Tan retreat

Chi-Ha Tan retreat to fight another day

Nishi surprises everyone in their team when she orders to retreat, claiming that they need to change their way of fighting and that a battle is about seizing opportunities and buying time. Taking advantage of their tank's speed, Chi-Ha Tan managed to take a path on the side of the trench to get out of it before Ooarai could complete the encirclement, ending the episode with the match between Ooarai and Chi-Ha Tan still unfinished…

Characters Introduced

Main Events

  • Ooarai defeats BC Freedom and advances to the quarter-finals
  • Miho and Alice visit the newly restored Boko Museum.
  • Momo introduces her family to Saori.
  • Ooarai faces Chi-Ha-Tan Academy in the quarter-finals of the Winter Continuous Track Cup.

Tanks Appearing

  • Sentinel AC.I
  • R35
  • Neubaufahrzeug
  • CV.35
  • Verdeja II
  • Panzer IB
  • AMC-35
  • T-15
  • TK Tankette
  • Type 2 Ka-Mi
  • Laffly W15 T (Non-combat vehicle)
  • Kurogane Type 95 (Non-combat vehicle)
  • Kawasaki Ki-78 Ken III (Non-combat vehicle)
  • Yokosuka P1Y2S Ginga "Frances" (Non-combat vehicle)
  • Fi-156 Storch (Non-combat vehicle)
  • Kawasaki OH-1 (Non-combat vehicle)
  • Type 10 (Cameo, not participating in the match)
  • O-I Superheavy tank (Not participating in the match)


  • The opening is the same as Part 1, with the exception of the addition of both Shark Team and BC Freedom.
  • BC Freedom's motto "Vive la... BC!" (Long Live... BC!) is a reference to the French motto "Vive la France!" (Long Live France!) and "Vive la Resistance!" which is the motto for the French Resistance.
  • The bocage maze is a reference to the Normandy Bocage where German defenders gave a hard time to Allies due to the thickness of vegetation.
  • The house with the watermill nearby where Marie is having a picnic reminds the Hameau de la Reine, a rustric complex located in the gardens of Versailles that Marie Antoniette used as a respite from the daily life at court.
  • BC Freedom going into a friendly fire caused by a false-flag operation by the B1 Bis having the same turret as a SOMUA S35 is a reference to the Ribbon Warrior's version of BC Freedom who falls for the same trick by Centipede Team.
  • Similar to the Anzio OVA, the Anzio girls have slept through the entire match and only wake up at the end.
  • During the meal between Duck Team and Fukuda, there is a poster of a 0% Dark Rum Bocordí which is a Boko reference from the real life rum Bacardí.
  • The shot where Viking's Neubaufahrzeug is destroyed is similar to when the KV-2 is destroyed during Episode 8
  • The Mark IV is destroyed because of its flag, just like Hippo Team in Episode 4.
  • The "Charge Ballad" sang by Chi-Ha-Tan was based on a song by The Drifters.
  • The Ka-Mi is the first amphibious tank to be shown in the series.
  • The B1 Bis is destroyed through the air duct, its "legendary weakness".
  • Kinuyo used for the first time the word "retreat" which caused the shocked Haru Tamada to faint.
  • The ending song presents a chibi version of Marie, Andou and Oshida with their FT-17, SOMUA S35 and ARL 44.


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