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Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon Warrior (ガールズ&パンツァー リボンの武者, Girls Und Panzer: Ribbon no Musha) was a manga spin-off made in collaboration with manga artist Takeshi Nogami and military advisor Takaaki Suzuki, published under Comic Flapper starting from the September 2014 edition. It is both a sidestory and sequel to the Girls Und Panzer anime, featuring the story of Shizuka Tsuruki, a student from Tatenashi High School who participates in Tankathlon, an alternate tank sport alongside Senshado.


Tankathlon is a new form of tank sport slowly gaining popularity among Senshado enthusiasts. While also involving tank battles, Tankathlon is distinguished by its lack of official oversight allowing any school with tanks to participate in a battle anywhere at any time, and a 10-ton weight restriction on tanks used, limiting battles to light tanks and tankettes.


Tatenashi High School:

Bonple High School:

Anzio Girls High School:

Saunders University High School:

Comic Flapper October 2014 Issue

BC Freedom High School:

Tategoto High School:

Pravda Girls High School:

Comic Flapper February 2016 Issue

Ooarai Girls Academy:

Kuromorimine Girls Academy:

St. Gloriana Girls College:

Chi-Ha-Tan Academy:

Maple High School:

  • Trout
  • Oleo
  • Amber

Kebab High School:

  • Bosphorus

Maginot Girls' College:

Bellwall Academy:

All-Stars University Team:

Jatkosota High School:

West Kureouji Grona Academy:

Gregor High School:

Japan Sensha-Dō Federation:

ONI Team:

  • Rei Kodai
  • Kaoru Saeki
  • Sei Takizawa


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