Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match (ガールズ&パンツァードリームタンクマッチ) is a tank battle game based on Girls und Panzer Anime. It's developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, released in February 22nd, 2018 for the PS4. An English-language version was released a week later, February 27th, 2018.

An enhanced port for the Nintendo Switch marked with "DX" or "Deluxe" was released in Japan in February 21, 2019. The multi-language Asian version was released on the same day. The extra features found in the Switch version can also be added to the PS4 one via paid DLC.

The game's Japanese website can be found here.


The game features a story-mode, a 5v5 online multiplayer mode, special missions - including a fight against a giant BOCO. The game takes after the events of Der Film, and before Das Finale. The DX version adds the characters and mechanics of Das Finale. There is also a new tournament mode called "Panzerfahren Festival" where a team of two will participate at first, getting new members from other teams they defeat. The Type 10 tank will be fought in this mode as the final boss when certain conditions are met.

Story Mode

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In order to promote Panzerfahren in Ooarai for the following year, Anzu, Yuzu & Momo decide to update their school's aging promotional video by making a new one from scratch.

To this end, they opt to use the footage from the last exhibition match and the battle against the All-Stars University Team but realize that they not only need factual commentary from their side, but also the input from the other schools that took part in those battles.

The Ooarai Student Council then organizes an "Appreciation Festival" and invites Saunders, St. Gloriana, Pravda, Kuromorimine, Anzio, Chi-Ha-Tan, Jatkosota as well as the All-Stars University Team. As an incentive for their contribution in the presentation, all the participants were promised full match data sharing and dissemination.

Miho was chosen to preside over the recollection event with the Anglerfish team backing her up. Alice Shimada will join in the latter half.

Extra Battles

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These are additional missions based on story parts or completely original ones with varying objectives.

Playable Tanks

Here the list of all tanks and how to unlock them.




  • All tanks unlocked in the game are delivered by Saunders' C5M Galaxy using Low-altitude parachute-extraction system (LAPES).
  • In the Switch version, the Hard difficulty of the "This wall is like a Mont Blanc" DX Extra mission was given a 5-minute time limit while Normal and Very Hard were given 10 minutes. The halved time makes it a bit troublesome to clear due to the large number of checkpoints and the FT-17's low cruising speed, necessitating usage of unconventional routes to succeed.

Game Trailers

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